Weekly FitMum Update ...

And again, I find myself late with my update!  Not sure whether it's the busy, busy end of the week or the busy, busy Saturday morning of sport that is my current undoing ...

Mr Fit Mum was away this week, so it does slow things down a little bit at home.  I just can't be in two places at once with kids in tow.  And to top it off I don't sleep well, the old eye and ear open all night makes me a little weary. 
Ooops, sorry about that, enough of the whinging!  I really didn't have too bad a week .. here's what I did get up to ...

Monday morning I was lucky as Mr Fit Mum didn't have to leave for the airport until 6.30am so I still managed a run / walk in the morning.  Cold, dark, the usual but I crossed it off the list!
Rather than backing out of all training last week, I decided to use it as a bit of a refresher week ... no more running until the weekend.  Instead, I popped a DVD in and did some yoga with the kids in the afternoons.  Another reminder that I love yoga and should do it more often!

I did attend my usual PT session on Thursday, and yes I was not disappointed by this session.  Let's just say my legs were still feeling rather heavy 2 days later on my Saturday morning run!

Friday, I exercised my power of listening and communicating at lunch with the girls!  I may have eaten a little too much ... and then followed it up with dinner out with the family on Friday night.  Yes I needed the run on Saturday!

In between all the fun stuff I spent a lot of time in the car ferrying kids around ...

then it was time to relax on Saturday night.  I may or may not have spent a little too much time shopping ... online ... drinking champagne ... 

As you may have noticed I've made a few little changes to the blog .. still not sure what I'm doing but I'll keep working on it!  I've added a Follow by Email link if you would like to sign up and I'll appear in your inbox every so often!  You know I love to chat!

I trust everyone has had a great weekend! 

Vicki x


Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love the new look blog.... It's nice to see what you look like!

Sounds like you made some good choices this past week!


Vicki said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks Deb .. not sure of the pics though!
I may need to be banned from any internet access to shopping too ...