Kids run today .. Cross Country

I wrangled a day off work today.  Not a me day though.  A family day if you will.  The kids ran their cross country at school today, so Mr FitMum and I toddled along to cheer them on.

I love the fact that every kid in the school has to run the cross country, even those who have disabilities get the chance to participate. 
Some kids will hate it but that's the experience I guess.  I think it's important that they get out there and participate to the best of their abilities.  There is always something that we don't want to do in life, but that doesn't mean we only give a half assed effort.  I love to see the kids giving it their all. I even tear up, but that's sunglasses are for, right?

The fit little people in my family put in a superb effort! 
Mr 6 actually ran this year rather than chatting to his mates the whole way!  Not sure where he finished, but he stumbled in with a smile on his face somewhere in the first 15 runners.

Miss 10, who hasn't quite put in enough training hours this year, sprinted into 3rd place beaten by her nemisis.  Hmm, not sure how this will go over, I fear her foot injury may provide an excuse for why she couldn't defend her title.  She is off to Regionals to represent the school in a few weeks.

By the time both kids were finished the sun was beating down and we were very proud parents.  Excellent effort by both kids!

Now that I have the rest of the day free, not sure what I'm going to get up to ... I should probably start the housecleaning and washing so I don't have to do it on the weekend ...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Vicki x



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Great job Fit Kids!! I tear up at the x-country carnivals watching the kids give it their all...glad I'm not the only one :)