Something to snack about ...

I'm talking snacks today.   This is usually my weakness when it comes to keeping my diet on track and I know that many other people feel the same way.  A wrong choice can throw out your diet for the whole day, but only if you let it.
Some people cut out snacks all together in an effort to cut calories and lose weight.  Yes, this can work, but it's not always the best option.

So, why snack?

A snack can help you make it through to your next meal.   This may even stop you eating too much at that meal if you choose the right snack.
A healthy, balanced snack can help you to stop making a bad snack choice .. you know, an apple over a packet of potato chips or chocolate bar ( OK, I don't mind the chocolate bar but not if I'm trying to watch what I'm eating! ).  You will be more inclined to stay on track if you choose the apple first.
Including regular snacks will also help to not over eat at meal times. you know what I mean, you miss afternoon snack and dinner comes around, you eat a great meal.  Then you find you are still hungry, so you go back for seconds, and then another little "something" because you just can't seem to make the hunger go away.  Then you feel sick or guilty that you've over eaten.

What's your favourite choice for a between meal snack?

These are some of my favourite choices for between meals. They are a great choice when you are keeping an eye on what you are eating.

An apple a day, right?
Fruit ... yep, 2 pieces a day is a good choice.         
Fruit with cottage cheese or some low fat yoghurt. My favourites are apple or berries with cottage cheese. It's OK, I understand, some people just can't stomach that one!
Chopped veg with homemade hommus .. carrots, celery etc

Plain old low fat yoghurt .. watch the flavoured stuff.  It may taste great but it could also have lots of sugar.
Rice thins with toppings like avocado, cheese or hommus with tomato slices.
Nuts and seeds ie trail mix.  Watch out that you don't eat the whole packet, these babies can pack a calorie punch even though they are a great source of nutrition.

Don't go crazy though, these are a snack not a full meal!  I try to keep  my snacks around 100 - 150 calories, I'm not perfect so I do have more sometimes!

The other thing that is important to me when it comes to my snacks .. I need to be able to throw them in my gym bag, handbag or just eat them on the run!  Though I have been known to eat a bowl of berries and cottage cheese driving to kids activities .. sssshhh don't mention this one!

Let me know what your favourite snack is!

Vicki x


Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm not a great snacker... but try to keep a mix of almonds and sultanas at work. I do get hungry there but guess it's at home that I don't snack terribly well!


Vicki said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm with you Deb .. great when I'm organised at work, not so great when at home