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Do you have a favourite Group Fitness type class?  Group Fitness classes aren't usually my thing.  I prefer to go for a run or train with weights on the gym floor.

That being said, I really do like the boxing circuit type class.  Of course, I teach a boxing class each week!  But that doesn't mean that I don't participate in some of the exercises. 

Boxing type classes are a great, fun way to build up your cardio fitness, strength and endurance .. oh and you might get some nice toned arms in the process .. Bonus! 

So, you've never done a class but are just bouncing out of your skin to try one right?  What can you expect? 

Ok, picture Rocky .. no, just joking, it's not quite that full on .. but I do have "Eye of the Tiger" as one of my tracks ...

First out, you will more than likely be paired up with someone ( well, unless you came to the class with your friend ).  Some classes you may even have punching bags.  One of you gets kitted out with a set of gloves and one of you sets up with some focus pads.  Don't panic, you will get to swap and have a rest while your partner punches you .. I mean, your focus pads!  Once you've warmed up, you are all set to do some boxing .. if you are in my class, there will be a bit lot of jogging, skipping, push ups, star jumps, crunches, squats .. you know, all the fun stuff!

Once you have worked up a pretty decent sweat, your heart is pounding and your arms are getting heavier, you realise that you are only half way through the class!

I know that I have not scared you, right?  Why not step out of your comfort zone and give a boxing class a go.  You've got nothing to lose except a few hundred calories per class!

What is your favourite Group Fitness class?  Why is it your favourite?

PS .. Just a reminder if you have any concerns about the class or if you have any injuries, make sure that you speak to your instructor before the class.  They will be able to modify any of the exercises for you.

Vicki x



Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Something dancey is definitely my favourite group fitness class. And I must prefer classes to working out individually.

Jodes said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love a bit of boxing. Definitely one to get the heart rate going, and release the frustrations of the day.

I'd be lying if I said it was my favourite though. I'm a fan of the cycle studio ;)