Packing & other important stuff ...

As it races toward Friday I find that again I have not quite achieved my plan to sit down and read a few blogs and write a few of my own. I know that I should not use it as an excuse, but I'm going to .. I've been busy this week!
So instead of my planned post on the dangers of eating 5 white Tim Tams for a snack with my coffee (I think it was 5, it may have been 6) I am going to share with you what I have achieved on my first week of holidays ...

I started holidays on Friday last week .. Well officially it was Friday. Friday afternoon required me to take part in the parents vs children's Auskick game.

Official result .. Children won by one point
Unofficial score .. Some parents were clearly playing for the opposition

We raced home to get changed and head out again to the final swimming club of the year ( can you feel my excitement? )
It was freezing.
After playing the first game in the pool Master 5 was so cold he was unable to move and promptly attached himself to me and his feet had to be pried out from underneath my coat.
The weather gods have clearly not yet got the memo that it is summer now.

To celebrate my holidays and get me into the relaxed mood I went to yoga on Saturday morning. Fabulously relaxing and I stretched all those places that needed it.

Monday was errand day. Doing all the important stuff, you know, hair appointments and Christmas drinks with friends. Did I mention I woke up with a cold sore on Monday morning .. Not entirely happy about that. Yoga may have released a bit too much!

Tuesday. This is the big day. Staying at home to clean up, pack, send emails, clean, pack, drink coffee. Did I mention I woke up with ANOTHER cold sore! Felt like I'd been hit by a bus. Not entirely happy about that one either! On the plus side, I instructed my boxing class on Tuesday night.

Wednesday was swimming carnival day at school. It was pouring rain and freezing cold. Swimming carnival was cancelled? The gods still haven't got the memo .. Maybe it was paper based and is still under a mountain of paperwork. I did get another day at home to add more jobs to my ever increasing list of things to get organised for holidays. The more I cross off the list, the more it seems to get longer? What is with that?

Today, finish packing, Nativity play at school, final clean of the house.

Tomorrow, fly out to the US for Christmas!

I will be making attempts to post blogs while on holidays, but I'm not promising myself anything yet.

I really must go and start working on the list before Mr Fit Mum comes home and finds me in the same place he left me .. Sitting at the table with coffee and iPad ...

Enjoy your day!

Fit Mum x

Winding down for the weekend ...

I've finally made it to Saturday morning.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't been wishing the week away .. well, not really anyway.  It's just that I'm now on 6 weeks holidays!! I still don't think that it has sunk in, but I'm working on it.

This week has been exhausting.  As it was my last week of work, I've been madly trying to make sure that all my clients are set to train with other trainers while I'm away.  I certainly don't want them getting off track while I'm gone!

I've also been scrambling to get a lot of last minute errands sorted before we leave next week.  I'm not stressing at all ... and I did not have a panic attack on Tuesday morning thinking about everything I needed to get done.

On the exercise side of things, I've made sure that I have pretty much kept my usual routine.  I did cut out two runs this week.  I noticed on my Wednesday run that I was feeling really stiff and just not as comfortable as I normally feel.  My right hip in particular ached all week.  Don't tell anyone, but I haven't been stretching after my training.  

Instead of my normal runs, I instructed a boxing circuit on Tuesday night and on Friday I trained with my PT.  It appears she would like me to remember her for the next few weeks! 

Now, come this morning, I'm feeling a bit sore as well as stiff. 
I'm heading off to yoga in a little bit to see if I can stretch myself back to normal!

What are your plans for winding down after the week?  Do you train over the weekend, or is this your time to let your body catch up?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Fit Mum x