3 more sleeps ...

Well, this is pretty much it.  Only 3 more sleeps until the Gold Coast Half Marathon.  I'm frantically trying to get myself super organised so that I don't forget anything.  The kids are packed and I have started my stuff .. of course the running stuff is first on the list and it's washed and ready to go.  Hubby's stuff .. well, he'll throw his together in about 8 minutes!

We are leaving to travel down to the Gold Coast tomorrow just after lunch time.  I have to work until midday so there could be a chance I'm in panic mode by 12.15pm trying to remember if I have everything I need.

I have the list of food that I need to pack .. the rest I'll get when we get down the coast.  I keep telling myself that this is really a mini holiday for us and that I really will get to relax sometime!

As for my running .. I planned on one final run this week, just to turn my legs over.  I'm still working on the fresh is best policy this run ...
I took Miss 9 for her last run on Wednesday lunch time .. a nice brisk 2km run .. and yep she smoked me in the last 100m!!  I had planned on finishing off the evening with another 3 or 4km, however, I got rained out and they turned the lights out on the track!! I mean, how inconsiderate .. didn't they know this was an important training session??!!  I am not letting this get me down though as I know I will be itching to go by Sunday!

Game plan for Sunday ..
*  visualise myself enjoying a comfortable run into the sunrise on the Gold Coast broadwater
*  take it 5km at a time .. I can easily run 5km!
*  smile and wave ( or try to without grimacing .. )
*  enjoy and get ready to back it up again next year!

Well, that's about it for Sunday!  Thanks everyone for your well wishes and much needed inspiration at times! 

And to those of you joining me at the Gold Coast ..

Good luck, have fun and be proud!!
You've been working for this and I know you will do your best.  'Cos that's really what it's all about!

Will be back again in a few days to report my progress ...

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x

The final countdown ...

This morning was the final long run before D day .. or GC Day .. and felt a few butterflies this morning when I woke up and thought about the 15km that I had scheduled.  Why? I don't know. 

Again, I planned to wear the same clothes and have the same breakfast .. you know, just to make sure ( I'm a bit funny like that! ).  I wasn't planning on taking my running partner, however when he saw the shoes and the hat go on he got a little excited!  One of the kids let him in the house and he bolted over to me and sat on my lap, knocking me over.  If you've had a rather large border collie sit on you, you will know what this feels like!

We headed out, gorgeous day I might add, and probably about 5 degrees warmer than next weekend will be! 

I am pleased to report that this last training run was uneventful, I ran and maintained a comfortable pace.  Yep, nothing to report! 

In other far more exciting news ...

It's the race bib .. we picked up the race kits this afternoon.  It's all getting a bit real now!

Well, I'm off to pack it under my pillow and hope it gives me lots of speed on race day!  Only a few more sleeps!

Have a great week everyone, I hope that whatever training you are planning you have a strong session!

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x

To load or not to load ???

As much as carbohydrates are a naughty word in some circles, when preparing for an endurance event they are talked about quite regularly.  And quite rightly so, they are a rather important fuel source for our muscles! 

So, as I approach the final week of preparation before the Half Marathon I am thinking about whether I should be carbohydrate loading or just continuing with my regular diet.  
In the past, the carb loading rules called for a low carb diet for 3 - 4 days followed by a high carb diet for the last 3 days before the event.  Apparently now research shows that this type of carb loading is not necessary.  Following a high carbohydrate diet a day or two before the event will provide enough carbohydrate stores to fuel the athlete. 

In all honesty, I'm no elite athlete trying to crack some super fast PB ... I'm really mostly keen on finishing in one piece!  With that being said, I still feel a bit more prepared if I really watch my diet in the days leading up to the event and have a high carbohydrate meal the night before.  The most important thing for me is that I have tested these meals on a training run .. not on the day!  That way I know how it may or may not affect my body .. because we all know what it is like to feel, ummm, "uncomfortable" during a run!

We have to travel ( yep, a mini holiday!! ) down to the Gold Coast for the run, so today I have cooked up a lasagne to have towards the end of next week.  And, I've made the pasta sauce to go with the pasta on Saturday night before the run on Sunday morning.  This way, I don't have to run around like a crazy, anxious lady getting dinners ready.  I am going to calmly and casually pull my ready made meals from the freezer and heat them up!!  And this is the extent of our carbo load. 

While I'm here I'll add a few extra tips that I have picked up over the years ... they're mostly pretty basic ...  
  • avoid high fibre ( for obvious reasons .. as well as that "too full" feeling )
  • avoid high fat ( same as high fibre reasons :( )
  • jelly beans and jelly babies etc don't always give you a boost if you haven't fuelled properly before running
  • ALWAYS trial your meals in training
  • ALWAYS trial gels, jubes etc in training prior to the run ( experience = nasty )
  • have your last meal at least one and a half hours before you run ( uncomfortable otherwise )
  • drink lots .. the day before and early enough to go to the loo before you start
  • always have refuel handy after the run and make sure it's something you can actually stomach .. I love an apple and a chocolate milk! Or a Mars bar ( I know, but it tastes great!! )
I would love to hear what everyone else's race prep is going to be like!  Let me know some of your tried and tested tips.

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x



Taper ???

This is the first week of my two taper weeks before my goal run .. the Gold Coast Half Marathon.  I'm happily not feeling pressured to keep my training according to plan!! 

As the run gets closer I haven't been sure whether I wanted to keep pushing myself in training, even though I wasn't feeling up to it ... or whether I take it easy to be COMPLETELY sure that I am fresh for the day.  I opted for the latter ... and I think it could be paying off!

I ran long on Sunday.  It has restored some confidence that I have been lacking in the last few weeks.

The only other run I did this week was 6km on the treadmill.  Pretty happy with that one too!

I'm trialling making up some cardio sessions by walking ( I know, it's not that much fun ) and rowing.  So far I'm happy I'm getting some cardio ( ?? ) without fatiguing my legs too much.  Without all the extra fatigue I am feeling a lot more prepared this week.

A longish run again on Sunday just to get myself in the headspace and a light run or speed work early in the week and that's it.  I've done all I can now and you know what ...

It's going to be alright on the day!

Now I'm off to start planning my food for next week ...

Can't wait to see everyone at the Gold Coast in 9 days!!

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x

It has again been a while since I have posted anything here .. I feel that I have been missing from this world for a while.  Not all my own doing .. the computer contracted a virus .. surgery was the only option. 

There have been so many things that I have wanted to write a post about, and I may get there yet.  I just haven't really had the chance to sit and think for any extended period. 

I have been training, and I have not been training.
I have been eating well, and I have not been eating well.
I have eaten too little, and, I have eaten too much.
I have been busy, and well, I have been mostly busy.

Am I ready for this Half Marathon in less than 2 weeks .. I really don't know.  Preparation has not been as I had planned .. but is anything?  I ran 17km on the weekend and felt OK.  Steady pace, a few hills and I felt pretty confident after, so I guess I'm ready. 

Not sure if this is a sign that I've had enough .. but I'm already planning my training for my next goal!  Yes, there's running involved but I'm not pushing myself to long distance .. at least for a while!

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x

Not that I'm counting ...

There are 26 days left until the Gold Coast Marathon.  This does not represent excitement such as that one would experience when counting down until holidays.  It's more like apprehension.  That "OMG I can't believe I am doing this again, why do I do this to myself!" feeling. 

Then there are the "am I really prepared for this" thoughts.  Every year, same time, same thoughts.  Am I putting too much pressure on myself?  I think the same things even if I've registered for a 5km fun run!

Stop, Relax! I think it's time to start the visualisation of the run.  I can do this, I have done this before!  It really is fun and I know I am going to feel so proud of myself at the finish line!

26 days to go ... 

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x

A run crossed off the schedule

Sunday .. long run day.  I had to talk myself into this one as I'm feeling a little fatigue from the week. 

It took me a while to warm up and settle into it, but every so often I actually felt the usual comfort slip in.  For some reason this week my calves and hamstrings are feeling quite tight and again I was feeling them the whole run.  I think the foam roller and massage is going to be the order of the night for me.

Not the best run I have had and not the worst.  Not the fastest I have done but certainly not the slowest either.  I think it was just one of those blah runs that you have to get out of the way.  I'm counting on it making my legs stronger.  Let's hope fresh legs give me that extra buzz!

I hope that everyone has had a fabulous training weekend!

Stay focused,  stay strong
Fit Mum x

A quick 5km to finish the week

Just a quickie today ... I really had planned it better.  I woke up with the alarm but the warm bed was just too much.  I knew I would have time later today .. well, hopefully I would. 
Nothing particularly to the training program, I just wanted to run 5km and not feel pressured to be fast or long. 
So I stayed in bed until we really had to get up and be ready for work and school.  I would squeeze that run in after work.
I got held up at work .. a bit late home and starving!! Light lunch and head off.
Then I got the phone call I was waiting for .. my new washing machine was going to be delivered earlier than expected! Imagine my excitement at being able to do the washing!?!  Needless to say, by the time it was delivered and installed it was time to pick the kids up.  Still no run ...

Thankfully hubby came home early and decided to finish work from home. 
Quick change and I was out the door!

5km later I was home and rather pleased that I managed to squeeze it in!

Happy Fit Mum tonight!

Stay focused,  stay strong
Fit Mum x

Registration confirmed!

Yes, I finally did it ... I entered the Gold Coast Half Marathon. 
I put it off as long as I could, I know.  I usually like to wait until the last minute just to make sure that I don't have any hiccups on the way.  It makes me feel like I'm taking that little bit of pressure off my training program.

I have think I have accepted that I may not achieve my original goal after being set back for a few weeks.  I have 4 1/2 weeks to go and every training session from here in must be the best it can be.  I'm going to rest when I need to rest. 

Most importantly I am going to do my best and be proud of my efforts!

Always remember to do you best .. that's what really counts.  Be proud of your efforts .. this is an experience that we get to learn from and improve upon.

See you at the Gold Coast!!

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x

Mid week run

I have been known to change my training program to suit what I'm feeling like doing in training.  Don't we all?  Yesterday I changed it a little bit as I felt like I needed a different type of speed session, and I know that the session I did works well for me.
Today, I thought I would stick to the program.  It called for a 1 hour run.  For a change, I was actually kind of looking forward to it .. well except that my calves and hamstrings were tight but I'll try to ignore that.

It was freezing when I started out at lunch time ( my version of freezing anyway ).  I made it to the bottom of the hill in our street and onto the path ... Did I close the garage door? I'm sure I did, keep running.  No, I'm not really positive .. I imagine I did, I can sort of remember pressing the button.  Can I run for an hour and not let this bother me?  Not likely, but I don't want to have to go up that hill again ... What about a short lap and then I'll check ... 
I did 2.5km and yes I had to run up the hill to find the garage door firmly closed.  Geez, now I've got to keep going another 7.5km.  I chose the route with the long, slow hills ... why, oh who knows!  

The hills were slow, I stopped for a stretch of the hamstrings, then continued on up the last hill .. it's only 500m.  I've done it before, it's slow.  Thank God for the downhill!

Mid week run done .. a bit short 8.5km ... but I did it and it will be beneficial to my physical strength and mental strength.

With 4 1/2 weeks to go till the half at the Gold Coast .. I'm not too far off track.  Let's see what the next 4 weeks brings!

How is your training going?

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x

Weekly training update ...

Again it has been days since I last posted.  I never was good with the whole keeping the journal up to date.
The days are just rushing by and I have not found the time to sit and make some notes about my training .. and have a whinge about stuff.

Today I'm going for the the abridged version of the last few days ( well, almost week ) ...

Thursday was rest day! Love these days!

Friday, schedule change with the family, so I was running long on Saturday.  A really light bike ride and stretch. I was starting to feel a bit tight.

Saturday, after the usual kids sports, home by lunch.  Quick lunch to fuel up for the run.  Note that I have not mentioned pre run fuel .. was not my best choice, however it was what was available so I made do.  Off to run 15km with my support crew ... I even had a whole hour to get frocked up for the girls night out! 
Note .. Slipping Forcing stilettos on after 15km does not feel like wearing slippers ...

Sunday .. rest day .. apart from the washing and housecleaning!

Monday .. I have changed my PT day to Monday to see if it fits a little bit better with my work schedule.  It will work, especially when I don't have other little nuisances interrupting my schedule ... like having to replace the garage door opener ( annoying ) and officially pronouncing the washing machine deceased at 11:14am after unsuccessfully attempting to do two loads of washing.

Tuesday .. Interval / speed training on the treadmill.  Yep, I felt the calves and hamstrings .. again.  Must stretch, or better yet dust of the foam roller .. insert tears in anticipation ...

End of summary ... I am thinking about making a deal with myself to try and write a little more regularly .. in fact I could have already made this deal some time ago and not yet started ... 
As with everything .. I'll keep at it and eventually I'll get better!

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x