Rain, hail or .. well, rain

I mentioned a week or so ago that I don't really like running in the rain.  Well, maybe I should just get used to it.  The weather here, again, is rather dismal, one minute it's just gorgeous and sunny and the next there is a downpour.  It's rather inconvenient actually.

Today was one of those days.  Yesterday's planned hill runs got rained out .. and there was no way I was going to miss another run.  I planned to go out after I finished work at lunch, if all else failed I was getting on the tready to force myself through at least 5km.

It rained on and off all morning and by lunch I was starting to worry that I would indeed have to step on the treadmill.  I even kept repeating my mantra for today .. I will just run, I don't care about the rain.

I sound like a princess don't I .. it's not like I'm going to have my hair ruined ( if you knew me, you would understand that hairstyling and myself do not blend well ) .. my make up is not going to run ( who wears make up when exercising anyway, I mean really? ) and I'm fairly certain I'm not going to melt.  Sorry, I've headed a bit off track haven't I?

I finished work .. no rain, I ran, it rained, then it stopped .. I looked a bit straggly when I got back but I was so happy that I headed out rather than the treadmill.  There was no way I was running 8km on the tready!

Some people really enjoy running in the rain? Me, I'd rather start dry and if it rains then I just have to suck it up ..
Do you like running in the rain?  Do you make sure you have your special rain gear ready just in case?

Whichever takes your fancy, just get out there!  Don't ever give up!

Stay strong, stay focused
Fit Mum x

Glad Easter is only once a year ...

It's all happening at once .. Easter holidays are over for another year and school holidays are over too.  I'm having mixed feelings about both .. I managed a four day break with the Easter holidays and spent the time either with the family or doing those extra things around the house that don't always get done.  I have experienced success.  I'm even feeling a little rejuvenated, ready to start the school term run around again ... aaaargh! 

I must admit however, that I am a little sad to see the kids off at school .. I will admit it's nice to have them around for a while .. I get an extra hug or two from my son and my daughter likes to spend some time with me in the kitchen and imagines she is the next Masterchef!  So, yes when I drop the kids off that gate in the morning I may be a little heavy in the heart.  Give me at least 10 minutes to miss them and then I'll be fine .. they'll be home in the afternoon to argue and fight again!

Another reason I'm feeling a little glad Easter only comes around once a year ..  it's the Easter eggs. 

Oh dear, I may have overindulged just a little .. oh, who am I kidding, I ate far too much chocolate and now I'm paying the price! 

My body is craving vegetables and is crying out for me to eat some clean, fresh foods and stop feeding it chocolate.

So for me, now Easter is over I must get back to my normal diet. 


Fresh, clean, whole foods that my body will absorb and pay me back by giving me heaps of energy. 

Not that I was eating really badly over the last week, it just wasn't the way I would normally eat .. you know how it is .. a little bit extra here, a bit extra there, one or two more desserts than you would normally have and on top of that an easter egg or four!  Wow, I'm starting to feel a bit bloated around the middle just thinking about it!

How did you go over Easter?  Did you indulge and are feeling a little extra bulge or did you manage to keep it lean and clean?  I'd love to hear how you are staying on track or getting back on track .. why not join me and we can wean ourselves off chocolate .. again? 

Stay strong, stay focused
Fit Mum x

Long run done ...

Last week I chatted about how I was going to keep up my training schedule while the kids were on holidays.  Well, best intentions don't always manifest themselves into reality.  That being said my training in the last week or so hasn't been what I would call consistent ...

In the last week I have run a total of 6.7km .. that was just one run.  As usual, my training program calls for a long run on the weekend.  I think maybe because I have had a few extra days off .. again, I was kind of looking forward to the run.  The plan was somewhere between 15km and 17km.  I really felt like running a different route this time .. Getting a bit over the same one every week.  As hubby wasn't running long this week I headed down to the bike path with Baxter and my daughter for company.  This run is straight out and back, pretty flat but there's a bit of scenery!  And it's nice for a bit of mother and daughter time .. my daughter doesn't run though, she rides her bike and wears a backpack with phones, keys, water .. you know, all the important bits and pieces.

We started off a bit later in the afternoon .. It had to be timed just right so that it was cool and we didn't roast in the sun and light enough so that we could make it home before it was completely dark.  It was just beautiful weather for running but we didn't make it home before dark .. the sun was well and truly set when we got back and my daughter was starting to get a bit nervous because it was so dark.  

All up, we had a really great run .. I was happy with my pace and happy with the distance at 16km.  I felt great after we finished and would have happily run another 2km!  Maybe I'll leave that until next week ...

I hope that everyone's weekend training has left you wanting more!

Stay strong, stay focused

Fit Mum x

Note to self .. must run more hills ...

My legs have been itching a bit in the last few days .. you know that twitch that you get in the mornings when you haven't run for a few days.  I really needed to get out in the fresh air and I was planning a run up Spider Hill.  It's a 6.5km run and about half is up and down the hill trail.  It's hard but really quite enjoyable.

Hubby turned up early from work this afternoon so I pretty much headed straight out the door .. oh, I did ask him to make sure the kids were fed afternoon tea!  I couldn't wait to get started!

Can't say anything bad about the run, so I won't!  It was just so nice and peaceful to be out in the bush in the quiet with just my running partner, Baxter.  Bax was pretty excited to go for a run too, after a few days of heavy rain no one really has wanted to head out.

I saw two wallabies on the track .. I think I scared them away with my heavy breathing!  Everything was going along well until I about 4km.  This is when you really have to start heading up the hill.  I knew what to expect so I'm not too worried .. I knew it was going to be nasty!! I was kind of looking forward to it actually .. I needed to blow out a few cobwebs!

Heading up the steepest part of the hill I am struggling to keep a trotting pace let alone jog or run.  Wow, I haven't run this hill in a while .. think I might need to add this to my weekly training schedule .. hills make you stronger, right?
I made it to the top .. there was some very deep breathing .. OK, it really was gasping for air .. but I will not stop .. run it out .. it's all good!  Then I heard the kookaburras laughing .. probably at me .. oh well, I'm really not caring, I've just run up the hill and I've got 2km downhill home .. Giddy up girl!!

Job done .. cobwebs blown away .. note to self compiled .. must run more hills! Certainly gets your blood pumping!

Stay strong, stay focused

Fit Mum x

Rainy days have vanilla frosting ..

Rain, rain go away .. come again another day ...
Preferably, if you don't mind, between 10pm and 4am as I am asleep at these times and not requiring a beautiful fresh outdoors in which to run.  Don't get me wrong, I can run in the rain, however I do prefer to start dry and not have a heavy downpour obstructing my vision.
It was this that faced us this afternoon as I planned a short run with the kids.  My daughter was going to run with me and my son was going to lead us on his scooter .. alas, it was not to be ... Mother Nature decided that we should make cupcakes instead!!

This of course delighted the kids no end as there were the beaters to lick.  Of course, I tasted a SMALL scraping for quality control purposes ...
Plain and simple was the order for today .. chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  And yes, I tasted the frosting, again for quality control purposes only!  I can't be feeding my family and friends an inferior product now can I?

Further quality control was completed by hubby who tested one before heading out to the gym .. apparently they are the best I have ever made and tasted very chocolate mousse like.  Mmmm .. happy with that!

I realise that these are not an entirely appropriate choice when one is training and trying to ensure they do not put on weight .. as such I have not tasted the finished product .. I may yet fall victim.  I thought I might have one just before my run to really make sure that I burn off the extra calories!  I can do that right? 

Anyway, check it out ...  


Fit Mum x

Holiday training schedule

We have made it to the school holidays.  I wasn't sure if we were going to make it for a while as this last term has been so long.  Technically, it's only the kids that are on holidays as both hubby and myself still have to work.  I'm trying to pretend that I'm on holidays too .. I don't have to make lunches, no school runs, no after school commitments .. you know, the stuff that we keep running to day after day.

Each school holidays I ask the kids what they would like to do for a few days so that they don't feel as though I am constantly dragging them around on all my "fun" errands.  The usual responses .. movies, visit to grandmas, go out for ice cream, visit with friends.
We also have "kids choice" for dinner .. so far these holidays we have nachos, pizza, sushi on the menu ... Mmmm, I'm thinking I'd better up my training to accommodate the new menu!

Speaking of training, now that I have the kids with me every day, even at work, I'm going to have to rethink my training schedule.  It looks like I'm going to have to get creative!  I love that the gym I work at has a creche and they can go there while I'm working but they do get a little bored with that after a few days.

My best bet for the new training schedule is going to be getting up in the mornings before work ( not fussed but it's got to be done .. ick! ).  I have to share this with hubby so there will have to be a tight schedule to stick to!
Maybe one day we can head down to the park and while they play, I can thrash out some short intervals / sprints ... 
There's a running track / football field about 10 minutes drive away.  I could take them with me and while they are practising kicking the footy around, I'll do some laps.  This one has worked really well in the past .. let's hope it keeps them occupied for long enough!
My favourite though has to be when they come with me on the run and while I'm running they are riding their bikes.  Sometimes they are a bit slower, sometimes they are a bit faster but it all works out in the end and they get some decent exercise! 

As long as the kids are involved it sets the right example and shows that my training can involve them .. and it can be fun!

What fun or special things do you do to fit your training in around the kids if you have to?

Stay strong, stay focused

Fit Mum x

Some Friday Foolishness

It's the first day of school holidays now and despite some of the usual bickering, I heard the kids playing together today quite nicely.  When I heard what they were playing I had to share because it really does make me laugh.
Have you ever heard of the game Grandma's Underpants?  Well,  the basics of the game are that someone is "up" or "it" and the other person gets to ask them any question that they want.  The only response the "it" person can have is "Grandma's Underpants" ... if they laugh they are out!

I know this doesn't sound particularly difficult, we can all hold a poker face when we really need to right?  But, sometimes, actually nearly all the time, the questions can be rather ridiculous and it is almost impossible to keep a straight face .. it's even harder when the person asking the question can't keep a straight face!!  
For example, one question I heard was "What do you like to take to bed at night to cuddle to sleep?" .. the answer has to be "Grandma's Underpants" .. now I realise this isn't respectful in all cases but it's pretty darn funny when you think about it!!

The best part about the game ( apart from when I don't have to answer the questions .. ) is that the kids love it!!  I'm rather impressed that my kids found a fun game to keep them occupied for a while today .. let's hope it keeps up over the rest of the holidays!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  Training, relaxing, rest days ...

Stay strong, stay focused

Fit Mum x

I will promise to do my best

You know those times when you are just not quite feeling the motivation to head out to training?  Or those times when you've had a really uncomfortable training session and wonder why you keep putting yourself through it?
Or even those times when your training is on track and you are feeling totally pumped after your run or training session?

Every so often I like to read something that I find gives me a bit more inspiration to not be so hard on myself or pick myself up and dust myself off and keep going.

A friend of mine showed this to me a while ago and I love it.  I tracked it down on the internet so I knew who I could credit with giving me that extra bit of bite when I need it and I thought I would share it ... 

CrossFit Rules to Live By:
1. I will promise to do my best. My best will vary from day to day, from hour to hour, from minute to minute. But in that minute, I will do the very best that I can.
2. Lactic acid is my friend. The wind is my friend. Anything that opposes me is actually helping me to become stronger. If I had no opposition, I would be weak.
3. If I can run, I run. If I have to walk, I walk. When I am forced to crawl, I crawl. And then I rest and live to fight another day.
4. I fear no man but I fear my workout. If I don’t fear my workout, it isn’t hard enough.
5. I may puke. I may cry. But I will not quit. Ever.
6. I never cheat. There is no honor in cheating. What joy can there be in a victory I did not earn?
7. The workout missed is the opportunity missed. I will not cheat myself of the opportunity to become a better athlete and person.
8. I understand the value of the push-up, the pull-up, the sit-up, the squat, and the deadlift. Just as there are a million ways to make chicken, so too are there a million ways to squat, sit up, pull up, push up, and deadlift.
9. I will give everything I have. And then I will find more within myself.
10. I don’t complain. Complaining is for crybabies. There are 11,232 babies born in the US everyday. I will leave the crying to them and I will soldier on.
11. I will bite off challenges, spit out results, and beg for more. What are you going to do?


This always makes me feel like I can give just a bit more and push myself just that little bit extra ... How does it make you feel?

Stay strong, stay focused

Fit Mum x

Blah ...

I have been feeling a bit "off" for the last few days. You know, that tired feeling that's closer to exhausted and you just want to lie down and sleep.  The kids have had colds so I'm thinking that maybe I'm coming down with the same thing.  I just want to stop for just a bit and let my body catch up.

I really don't want to get sick, it's not part of the training plan.  So when Sunday called for my long run, I debated whether I should push it or not.  If I do, I might get sick and be out for longer, if I don't I'm just being soft. 

Come Sunday morning and I'm still not feeling 100% but I'm not going to be soft.  I'm going to push through it.  I did my run, all 14.8km and even though I was feeling a bit heavy the whole way, I still managed to keep to a pace that I was happy with.  Would have like faster but I'm feeling off remember.

When I got home, I went a bit downhill .. OK, so I didn't feel well at all.  I know that I was fueled and hydrated so it wasn't that.  I still had the headache I started with. 
I thought that maybe my best bet to making sure I recovered OKish was to sleep.  I didn't even care that I was lying on the rug in the living room on a towel under a blanket.  I think I managed to get a few minutes sleep before the kids came jumping around me.  It didn't make the headache go away though.  I had to put up with it all afternoon, even after painkillers. 

I tried to get a decent sleep last night and the headache seems to have gone today but I'm still feeling rather less than ordinary.  Glad today is a rest day, let's hope I wake tomorrow morning feeling back to normal so that I can keep on my training track.  
Fingers crossed I'm not set back too far in training!

Stay strong, stay focused

Fit Mum x

Winter wonderings ...

It was quite cool here this morning.  Yes, this is something to comment about.  After summer finally started getting hot, it seemed to last for longer than normal.  In the last week we've had some warm mornings, not cool, but not as hot it has been.  This morning was different, it was one of those mornings when you just want to stay under the covers.
But, being the dedicated runner that I am, committed runner .. oh alright, I forced myself out of bed and changed into my running clothes.  As I was feeling a little princess like this morning I even grabbed my running jacket!  I said it was cool remember ... Anyway, I took it off at the turn around as I was starting to get a little warm.

All that being said, that's not why I'm here .. I got to thinking this morning, if I'm having trouble getting out of bed and getting moving now, what am I going to be like when it is really cold and dark outside in the mornings?  Then I ventured into the why I don't like running in winter thoughts .. so I am going to share them.  

Firstly, I would like to add a disclaimer .. these are coming from someone who lives in a sub tropical climate, where it does not snow, however would still prefer to hibernate during winter ... 
Here they are ...
  • it's cold outside in the mornings
  • it's dark in the mornings
  • it's much nicer in bed under the covers
  • it takes longer to warm up
  • the cold air hurts your nose and lungs when you run
  • sometimes you just can't warm your hands up and they stay cold 
  • it's cold and dark outside in the mornings .. oops, did I already say that?
This list is not exhaustive and I reserve the right to add to it whenever I feel like talking myself out of a run ...

Being a generally positive person, I like to try to finish on a positive note .. so I'll now list some points that I thought of that I liked about winter ...
  • you don't get as hot and sweaty during or after your run
  • you can run after 9am and not roast in the hot sun
  • you don't get such a bad running shorts tan .. which I kind of want instead of the sickly pale skin after winter
  • the Gold Coast Marathon is on during winter and it is here I will achieve my 2011 goal of running the half in under 2 hours
  • I get a brief holiday to the Gold Coast ... to run for 2 hours .. oh well, it's a holiday!
  • I can curl up in a blanket in front of the TV with a hot chocolate
  • long, hot showers are much more enjoyable
There, I'm happy now .. oh and there's one I forgot .. after winter comes summer! And that's my favourite!

What do you do to motivate yourself to run outdoors in winter?

Stay strong, stay focused!

Fit Mum x

No Bear Grylls here ...

Long run today.  15km.  I'm a bit nervous.  I really just want to be able to make the distance.  I know I have before but these longs runs just make me nervous.

I headed out at an easy pace that I felt that I could maintain for at least the first 5km.  I felt pretty good too at the first drink stop which is 5.5km.  I headed off to the turn around still feeling good and maintaining my pace, I may have even picked it up just a little bit. 

At about 8km my running partner, Baxter, seemed to be slowing up a bit.  I know that if I had run 21km the day before and I was wearing a huge thick coat I'd probably be slowing up a bit too!  So, a quick call to the back up crew and we met them at 9km so Bax could have his early mark.  I ushered him into the back of the car and I continued home feeling kind of fresh .. which I was rather chuffed about given I'd already done almost 10km!

Nothing exciting to report for the most part of the return run other than it was quite warm in the sun, but who doesn't love a shirt tan from running! I'll accept this as my badge of honour!

About a half a kilometre from home I was stopped by someone walking their dog.  I didn't mind though .. he wanted to warn me about the snake on the path ahead!
Not sure if he was joking or not, he suggested that maybe I just keep going on the path and jump over it! Ah, NO!  Good thing I could make a very wide detour behind the trees or I would have had to add another 3km and I was getting into that zone where I just want to be home .. NOW!

Luckily, I don't think the snake was dangerous, well as far as snakes go .. but he was as wide as the path ( almost 6 feet! ) and as big as my forearm.  I'm not a princess ( well not always ) but I'm certainly no Bear Grylls and I'm afraid of a snake that's bigger than me!  After making my very quick detour, I headed home with a bit more of a spring in my step .. much to be said about adrenalin!

Long run done and I'm happy with my effort and time.  Actually looking forward to next week's run .. provided there are no reptiles to greet me!

Stay strong, stay focused!

Fit Mum x