Personal Training ... Come train with me!

Many of you know that I am a Personal Trainer. 

I have recently started my own business and train clients from my "studio" at home.

As your trusted Personal Trainer I believe that I should not only offer you my experience and knowledge.   

I will offer you support, guidance, encouragement and motivation in all things health and fitness.  I will be your confidant and your conscience.  My goal is to support and encourage you so that you can achieve your goal!

Personal Training ...

I have a small studio set up at home where we will train privately, one on one.  Our training sessions will consist of your workout ( the fun part! ) and we will also discuss your eating habits.  If you need to tweak something here and there I can offer you recommendations and suggestions so that you will achieve your goal. 

If you prefer to train with friend, I offer two on one training sessions also.

I conduct small group training sessions from home but if you are keen to get a group of friends together we can get together in the park so you can workout in the fresh air and sunshine!  Minimum of 4 for group sessions.

Healthy Eating Guidance ... Fit Mum's Food

Should you have particular concerns with your current eating habits, I also offer nutrition guidance.    Please be aware that I will offer you guidance only .. this should in no way replace the professional advice that you have been given by your health professional.

The best way to do this is for you to keep a diary of what you eat and drink throughout the day.  Keep this diary for 3 - 5 days and then book in a time where we can sit down together and have a look through your diary.  

We will have a chat about where you think your weakness is when it comes to food.  I will make suggestions and recommend if you should make changes.  We will do this together as this will be your responsibility to step up and make changes depending on what your goals are.

** NEW IN JULY ** 

Healthy Eating Workshop & Challenge ...

Starting on July 10, 2013 I will be hosting a Healthy Eating Workshop & Challenge. 
The workshop will run for 4 weeks and we will get together as a group on Wednesday nights to talk about all things Healthy Eating.

Please note that this workshop is not a lecture, it will be more of a support group where we can all get together and discuss our strengths, weaknesses and our own tips and tricks to overcome all those excuses for not sticking to our healthy, balanced eating!

Our discussions will include ...
* tips on how to lose weight, maintain weight or even put on weight
* how to eat / fuel yourself before or after a workout
* tips on menu planning and being organised to ensure you are able to stick to healthy, balanced eating
* excuse elimination

I will also share my tips and tricks for sticking to my healthy, balanced eating and even share some of the recipes that work with my family.

The workshop will run for 4 weeks starting on 10 July and cost $40. 

I would love to have you come along and share your tips and tricks too as what works for one may not always work for another and having everyone support each other makes it even more fun!

If you have any questions at all or if you would like to book in a time for us to get together for a workout or a chat please email me at

Alternatively, catch up with me on Facebook where I will be keeping you up to date with information, motivation and the fun stuff too!

I look forward to helping you take your health & fitness to new heights!

Stay healthy, stay active!