About Me

Fit Mum is where I share my personal experiences with health and fitness as it is such a big part of my life.  Fit Mum is what I aspire to be! 

I am a wife and mum ( one of each ). I am a qualified and registered Personal Trainer, runner, aspiring yogi and love hanging out in the kitchen.

People always ask what my health & fitness goals are.  My health & fitness goals are always changing ... who doesn't have the prerogative to change their mind, right?!
Most importantly my goals and my belief is that your health & fitness goals should be about finding balance and moderation.  I am still working on this and who knows, maybe one day I will find that balance.  It's going to take time and effort, these things can't be rushed!  

One thing I am sure of is that your health & fitness goals should be about you .. not me and certainly not your neighbour or your best friend.  I believe that your health & fitness should be an important part of your life.  The benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle will certainly continue to give, not only to you but your friends and family.

I am not a doctor, medical specialist, nutritionist or dietician.

I am a qualified and registered Fitness Professional in Australia. I work as a Personal Trainer and I am also passionate about nutrition, health and fitness and believe that it should play a part in everyone's lives. It certainly plays a part in my life and that of my family.

My qualifications ...

Bachelor of Commerce ( Accounting & OB&HRM )
Cert III & IV in Fitness
First Aid & CPR
Punchfit Trainer
Children's Trainer
Level 1 Kettlebell Trainer
TRX Suspension Trainer

What I write about here is based on my own study, research, personal experiences or those of my clients ... and my own personal opinions. If you pull a hamstring doing yoga ( no, really, I did! ) then please do not hold me responsible!
What I will recommend is that you seek your own professional ( ie doctor, physio, dietician ) or medical advice before you embark on any new diet or exercise program .. even if it is guaranteed to change your life!

I hope that Fit Mum can inspire, motivate and support you in achieving your health & fitness goals.

If you would like me to train you, please check out my Personal Training page here and then get in touch with me as soon as possible!



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Heya Fit Mum! I'm glad I ran into you on-line. We Aussie fitness bloggers need to get to know each other!