Believe in what you are doing ..

"Yours is the energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in." Jane Roberts

Any good diet and exercise program must include your belief in yourself and the program if it is going to succeed.

Do you believe in yourself and what you are doing? 
Is this going to help you to achieve what you really want?

Fit Mum x

Last week in review ...

Things are starting to return to normal programming in the Fit Mum house.
The kids started back school .. No tears from anyone!

I'm still working on my training schedule and figuring out what is going to work best for me this year. I haven't planned anything specific yet in the way of health and fitness goals but there are a few ideas forming.

This week my exercise looked like this ...

Monday         Easy run of about 5km .. Note to me .. Recharge battery on running
                       watch ...

Tuesday        30 minutes of yoga .. I am really enjoying yoga at the moment. I'm
                       even starting to get some flexibility back after returning from holidays
                       super stiff!

Wednesday  It's raining (still) so no run outside for me. Instead I did a quick weights 
                      workout after work. My first session back after nearly 2 months off .. I
                      was easy on myself as I wanted to be able to move for the next 4 days!

Thursday      Australia Day. Would you believe it stopped raining! Family walk
                      planned up Spider Hill. It was great to be out in the fresh air doing some
                      exercise and the kids loved it!

Friday           Raining again so my run was moved inside to the treadmill after work.
                      Not my favourite but I had a great run!

Saturday      Nothing on the agenda today other than running around to various kids
                      sign on activities! Ah, yes, the return of Saturday sport is looming!

Pretty happy with my efforts last week. Not sure yet what I'm going to plan for this coming week but rest assured I will keep active!

Let me know what you have planned for the week. Have you scheduled your training and will stick to it?

Remember, a little bit is better than nothing!

Fit Mum x

Friday Foto ....

After a hiatus of nearly 2 months, I am finally getting around to a blog post. I had the best of intentions while we were on holidays, honestly. But sadly I neglected my blog .. I'm not going to make excuses .. But .. We were busy and I was exhausted!

So, for my return post I thought I would write a quick run down of the holiday. But, instead of dozens of words I'm going to do a pictorial. Check it out ...

It's a 13 hour flight but I'm sure it'll be fun ...
Especially when this is the first stop .. Santa Monica ...

Next stop .. Disneyland!!  Now as you can imagine there were hundreds of photos taken here and I'm not going to bore you with dozens ( I've already done that to my girlfriend, sorry again x ) so I'll summarise for you ...

Minnie and I are, like, BFFs now ...

Next stop ...

After a few days experiencing the culture of Las Vegas we headed to San Francisco.  Love this place!  The next trip is almost booked, just have to work out a few details .. like finances ...

Of course we managed to get the outside
seats .. Miss 10 was hanging off the front ..

Apparently the clam chowder here is mighty fine ...
I don't do chowder but the rest of the food was delish!

After a marathon ( well, it felt like it ) we headed out to my sister's place.  I had been counting the days till I got here and yes there were tears ... especially when I got to meet my new favourite nephew who was only 4 weeks old!

He's a keeper, right!
From here we did a few day trips .. Napa Valley, back to San Francisco .. and an overnighter to South Lake Tahoe.  We also managed a few days in Yosemite.  With not really any snow around we got to see heaps more than normal for this time of year.  Not sure what words to use to describe other than magnificent!

After 2 weeks with my sister we thought we may have overstayed our welcome so we headed back to LA for our flight home .. but not before a few luxury days here ...

Yes, it was fabulous, and then we braved the 13 hour flight home to reality ... but it really is good to be home.

So, there you have it!  A summarised version of our holiday.  I hope you enjoyed!

Do you like travelling?  Where was your favourite holiday?

I'll be back soon and I promise I'll even mention something about health and fitness!

Fit Mum x