This week's update ...

On Monday I posted that I needed to make a little bit of an extra effort in the diet and exercise area if I wanted to keep my jeans fitting this winter.
I know that you are all dying to know what I've actually done this week to keep myself on track. 

I started the week off with a blast!  Monday morning started with a 5km jog ( with a little walking in between ).  Still not a fan of early mornings in the dark ...
Then I followed it up with another workout after I finished work.  A 25 minute weights routine that was enough to leave my hamstrings a little tight for the next 2 days!  But on the upside, I felt totally pumped!

Tuesdays I usually leave my workout until I teach the boxing class in the evening.  I make sure that I do the parts of the class that don't involve boxing with a partner, so I do heaps of squats, skipping, push ups etc.  I manage quite the sweat lovely glow by the end of the class!

By Wednesday, I was starting to feel a little stiff from Monday's efforts and followed up by Tuesday's class but my hamstrings were not going to stop me running a quick 3km after I finished training clients.  Well, it wasn't quick, but I ran 3km ... after I beat down at least 8 excuses why I couldn't do it.

Thursday, honestly, after an exhausting morning at work, I was starving and I just didn't feel like it.  This time there was no beating down excuses, I had a rest day.

Friday morning is hubby's morning to run so I stayed in bed until the last possible second.  I was going to run after work this morning but decided to do a fusion style workout instead.  Body weight exercises with cardio mixed in.  I kind of wish I had run instead!  After 35 minutes I had completed 3 rounds of the workout and I was done ... and starving! 

Saturday morning was a leisurely run.  And then it's off to soccer to watch Master 6.  No netball this morning so not as much crazy lady running around! 

This is where things veer a little off track ... All week my diet has been great.  I made my decision that I was going to make changes and I've stuck to it, well until Saturday.
One of my girlfriend's daughter ( who is also friends with my daughter ) invited us out for afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday.  Of course, I don't like to be rude so I had some ice cream!  A few extra treats were also consumed, and looking back it really wasn't that bad, but I feel like I've thrown everything around.  
I will get back to normal programming!

How did you go sticking to your schedule this week?  

Vicki x