[ My ] Monday Motivation ...

Today's motivation post is a bit different ... it's my motivation ...

I've been a bit lazy lately.  Not lying on the couch lazy, I'm still my training in .. albeit, not as much as usual ...

But, I'll be honest, I've been lazy with my diet.  Apparently the scales don't lie.  Well, I'm not entirely happy with the story they are telling!  Not that I weigh myself every day .. well, mostly not every day.  Just the week days ...

Yep, you guessed it, she's normal!  Well, depending on your classification of normal, I think I hit the mark.

So, today, just like thousands of others hell bent on changing their ways, I'm going to clean up my diet and get back to my usual routine.

Hopefully my motivation will be your motivation too.  Why not join me?

I'm not going to be making any drastic changes and I'm certainly not going to go on a radical "diet" because as many of you would know, I'm not a fan.  I'm going to get back to clean, healthy, nutritious eating.  The kind of eating that makes me feel good!  Well, it makes me look OK too!

Here's what changes I'm making starting this week ...

* I will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner .. they will be healthful, nutritious meals that provide me with the fuel I need to keep up with the day.

* I will have small snacks throughout the day that keep me going until my next meal.  These snacks will also be packed with the right foods.   This has been a weakness lately .. too many extra snacks and lazy choices.

* I will reduce / eliminate extra sugar.  Yep, this is a problem at the moment and it will be hard to get out of the habit.  But I know that I can do it .. I've done it before.

* I will ensure that I stay hydrated.  Even though it is getting cooler I will make the effort to drink throughout the day.  At least 2 litres.  Again, here is where I have been rather lazy!

* I will be sure that my portion sizes are not too big.  This isn't too much of a problem with my eating .. it's more the extra snacking ( read, chocolate consumption ... not that I am blaming Easter! )

* I will be more consistent with my training.  Back to 5 days per week, at least 30 - 45 minutes of QUALITY training.

There you have it ... This week's motivation for me and you too!  I'm putting this out there to keep me honest and I'll keep you updated on my progress.

I would love for you to join me and let me know how you are going too. We could all use a little extra support sometimes!
Vicki x

Do you lift weights?

A few weeks ago I talked about what type of cardio you should do when starting out on an exercise program.  This week I'm going to mention a few points about weight training. 

Do you lift weights?  I do, but I know that not a lot of women do.  Why?  For a variety of reasons but the most common is that they are scared they will look like this ...

Or you could look like this ...

Well, I can tell you right now that she does weight training!  We aren't all going to look like that .. but weight training will certainly get you a lot closer than if you did nothing!

So, why do weight training .. other than to look super fine like the gorgeous girl above ...

To feel and be strong
To build some lean muscle
You can burn more calories
Helps to change body shape
Can help reduce injury risk
To feel good!

I'll stop the list there but there many benefits to weight training.

Ok, so now I've convinced you to give it a go, here's a bit more info to get you started ...

What should you do?

* It's always a good idea to speak with a fitness professional who may be able to write a program for you.  They can run you through it and show you how to do the exercises as it is important to have great technique.  You will get better results and reduce the risk of injury.
* Start out with a basic program using machines or your own body weight
* As you progress you can start to use free weights which will get you even more results
* Why not try out a pump class at the gym.  There is an instructor guiding you through the class and you can do it at your own pace and with the weights you want.
* Better yet, get yourself some sessions with a registered Personal Trainer.  They will keep a close eye on your technique and guide you and challenge you.  You will see great results. 
How to do it ..

There are MANY different ways that you can incorporate weight training into your exercise routine but the most basic is to start out with a full body program.  This means a program that will use all the different muscle groups in your body in the one training session.  A great way to work out if you are short on time.  I can assure you that if you are doing the right training, you will get a serious workout in a short period of time!

You may also like to try a split program.  This means that you train specific body parts on different days.  There are amazing benefits with this type of training, however if you aren't one to get to the gym several days of the week, then it may not be for you.

When and  how much should you weight train?

I know everyone has a certain amount of time allocated to their training each week.  So, when and how much to include weight training is really going to be a matter of personal preference.  It will also depend on your goals.
As a minimum you should do at least one weight training session per week.  This should be your full body session.If you are wanting to get bigger and better results then you should look to increasing your training to two or three sessions per week. 

Whatever you do, it needs to fit in with you, your lifestyle, your goals and your abilities.  But what is more important is that you actually do your weight training!

Would you like it if I ran a regular post about different types of exercises .. like my exercise of the week that I use when I torture train my clients?

Let me know or if you have any questions in the comments below, I really do love to have a chat!

Fit Mum x   

Body On the Go Shaping Protein Shake ..

Remember I wrote about Body for Women Lo Carb Bars last week?  Well this week I'm going to do a quick review of the Body On the Go RTD Shaping Protein.

So what is it?

Body Science describe this as a "perfect companion to your health and lifestyle needs".
A "high protein, low sugar, low fat and a great source of fibre.  These protein shakes unlike others on the market provide you with all the nutrition your body needs to get toned and slim without the unwanted calories from sugar and fat".

Who doesn't want that!?

So why do you need it?

Apart from what Body Science have said above?  What else do I need to say other than, it's better than grabbing a "fast food" snack .. or worse still, nothing!

When you do want to drink this?

I ask one question?  When was the last time you left the house, racing off to pick the kids up or drop them off somewhere, you are hungry but just didn't have a chance to eat between trying to find soccer boots and dance clothes.  Or great as a post workout refuel before you get to your next meal.
You can always have before your workout, personally I'm not a fan of seeing it again on the gym floor .. if you get my drift ...

This is the right time for you to grab this protein drink.

Ok, now that you know this is a great alternative snack between meals and after your work, what did I think of Body On the Go RTD Shaping Protein.  I used the Shaping Protein drink as a quick snack between clients at work.  I don't always get a lot of time so I need something quick and easy.

I'm not the biggest fan of drinking my calories.  I don't always get the "I've satisfied my hunger feeling".  I will admit though, that I did feel full after drinking this.

The taste wasn't too bad, however the only thing I had trouble with was that they tasted really sweet to me.  I tried both the Swiss Chocolate and Vanilla Creme and whilst both were really sweet I preferred the Vanilla .. the Chocolate one was a bit rich for me.

All up, not a bad choice if you need something quick and easy while you are running crazily from one errand to the next!

Fit Mum x   


Ham and Cheese Frittatas ...

In yet another effort to be super organized before school started back .. Oh who am I kidding!! I am not, or ever will be super organized!! So I'll start again ...

School started back this week and as you know I like to have some healthy nutritious snacks for the kids to eat during the week. They always seem to be hungry at the moment so this week I decided to make Ham and Cheese Frittatas .. The kids love them and they are pretty easy to make.

This is the recipe I use.

Ham and Cheese Frittata

What you need ...

1 cup uncooked pasta .. I use small shells or macaroni
100g ham, chopped
1 cup grated cheese
6 eggs
1/2 cup sour cream
Salt & Pepper

What you do ...

1. Cook the pasta according to directions and set aside.
2. Prepare muffin cases in muffin pan and spray cases with non stick spray.
3. Divide chopped ham, cheese and pasta evenly between muffin cases.
4. Whisk eggs and sour cream together and season.  Pour mixture evenly into muffin cases until about 3/4 full. Too much and they spill all over the place.
5. Sprinkle grated parmesan cheese on top ( optional ).

Bake at 180C until golden on top .. About 18 mins ...

Store them in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days.

It is possible to add in other veggies if you like. I use corn or capsicum if I have it in the fridge.

My kids have them as an afternoon snack before or after training. Mums and Dads might also like them for a morning or afternoon snack ( Mr Fit Mum usually sneaks one when he gets home from work before dinner ). They are also a super quick lunch with a side salad.

Enjoy! And let me know if you try them what you think!

Fit Mum x   

Have you got 10 minutes?

OK .. everyone is busy.  And some people are just too busy to exercise! ( Yeah, right, whatever ... )

So, here is a little solution ...

Want to do more than 10 minutes ... do it twice a day ...

And then repeat!

Everyone can spare 10 minutes ...

Oh, and the kids would LOVE this one!

Let me know how you go!

Fit Mum x   

Friday Fotos .. Holidays are over ...

The first lot of school holidays are over! It's going to be half way through the year before we know it!

As today is Friday and I am supposed to share some photos on Fridays ( I know, I've been really slack the last few weeks ), I thought I would share some photos that I snapped while we were away on holidays. 

The weather over the holidays was just magical and we were more than happy to spend some time at the beach .. even though, living in Queensland, it's actually quite pleasant to spend time at the beach all year round! ( And holidays was actually in northern NSW )

The kids love the beach and for some reason they were actually friends .. but only for the time we were at the beach .. after that it went back to poking, proding and generally annoying each other. *Sigh*

These views were ones I snapped with my phone while we were out for our family runs.

There you have it .. a couple of holiday snaps ... now holidays are over and the kids are back to school on Monday. And so the count down begins until the next holidays!

Enjoy your weekend!

Fit Mum x   

Body for Women .. Lo Carb Bar Review

A few weeks ago Body for Women ( Body Science ) contacted me and offered me the opportunity ( along with several other health and fitness type bloggers ) to try some of their sports nutrition products for women.

As if I wasn't excited!

Here is the link to the  Body for Women website with all of their details. 
There is heaps of advice to get you going and keep you motivated.  Check out the delish sounding recipes! 

Honestly, I have seen their products on the shelves at the supermarket and the thought had crossed my mind to try them, but with so many products on the market I admit to being a little overwhelmed.  And truthfully, I just couldn't be bothered trying to determine which would be better for me!

I have tried different products before .. protein bars, powders, drinks, balls ... for one reason or another, however haven't really found one that I really liked.  Maybe because the ones I have tried in the past have not been designed specifically for women.

These days, I'm more of a whole foods kind of girl ... I don't usually go for extra supplementation by way of protein bars or powders.  I prefer to try and get everything I need from whole, natural foods .. and I'm pretty happy with the results so far!
But, I admit, there are times when I do need a little extra help .. mostly in the grab it and run food area.

So, getting back to BSc .. they have provided me with three different products to have a crack at.  I am going to review them each individually so as not to make the post too long.

First up, the Body for Women Lo Carb Protein Bar.

I loved it!  Why?

It actually tastes pretty good.  I got to try the Lemon Meringue, however I was caught without a snack one day so I thought I might try one of the other flavours .. Swisse Choc.
I preferred the chocolate one. I feel like I'm eating a chocolate bar only is one isn't really bad for me! Bonus!

I usually eat one if I have a break between clients for a quick snack with a little bit of fruit. Other times I will devour one before or after training if it's not a meal time or I'm not able to sit down for a proper meal within an hour. It gets me through until my next meal.

I've also found myself throwing one in my bag if I'm out and about with the kids and I know there aren't any great snack options available.  Handy, but don't put them under something heavy .. they're a bit squishy .. ooops!

And they are gluten free .. Not that I'm intolerant but I have had some adverse digestion issues with other bars. And no, I will not subject you to the details!

The low down from Bsc on the bars ...

* High Protein Thermogenic Bar
* Great Tasting, Carb Conscious Bar
* Satisfies your hunger cravings
* Gluten Free
* Vitamin and Mineral Booster

"Body for women is a scientific nutritional supplement designed to improve female’s body shape whiles giving them a healthy eating option. Your life is full enough without having the added pressure of sticking to a healthy eating plan. Body gives all females the opportunity to look and feel great in a simple guilt free shaping protein supplement."

I have found that this bar, for me and my personal use, is a great option when I need a healthy, nutritious snack that will get me through.  Don't forget though, this is not a meal replacement and Bsc mention this also on their site ...

All up, I have been really happy with this choice for an on the run snack option.  Will definitely use again.

Have you tried the Body for Women Lo Carb Bar?  What are your thoughts?
Fit Mum x   

Kerryn's exciting Goodies Giveaway ...

Kerryn over at FitBody Fifty has an exciting giveaway running on her blog at the moment.
There are some great looking products for you to try that can help you work towards those health and fitness goals .. Especially after any excess consumption over Easter!

Check it out here

PS .. If you win, I need to know how you will be taking advantage of these products in your health and fitness regime!

Good luck

Fit Mum x

Relaxing with some holiday exercise ...

This week is the first week of school holidays in Queensland. I have been counting down to this week for a while now. It's time for some rest and relaxation!
We have been lucky enough to be able to spend a few days on the coast, which is my favourite place to relax on holidays.
Even though I'm on holidays I don't take a break from exercising. It all just seems a bit easier because I'm not having to squeeze in a run or a workout at a crazy early hour in the morning or after work.
I know its obvious but I love going for a run or a walk while away from home. We usually stay pretty close to the beach so there are a lot of runs beside the beach and I get to check out some gorgeous scenery while I'm getting in my workout! Bonus!
I snapped a gorgeous pic on the family morning run .. It was of the surfers out early with the first waves of the day ... I'll edit later!

This week I also brought with me a yoga DVD and my mat. I've been feeling a little tight lately as I haven't been stretching enough and I have found that yoga is really helping especially releasing my hips.

Last evening we headed out for another run. This was our turnaround .. mind you, the hill we had to climb to get there was "challenging" but so worth it! You should see the pictures ... Well you would able to if this crazy blogger would recognize the iPad has photos on it!

Do you keep up your exercise routine while you are on holidays? Do you change it or stick to the same thing?

Fit Mum x