Working it Out ...

Here you will find some of my previous posts about training and workouts that I do myself. 
Please ensure that you always work to your own ability and fitness levels.  If you are unsure of anything at all or are just starting out, please consult your own personal medical specialist, physio, dietician or qualified fitness professional. 

Most importantly ... Have Fun!!

Starting out ...

When is the right time to start?
Goal Setting
Rest Days
Why do you exercise?
Comparing yourself to others
What type of cardio to do?
Making time to exercise
Do you lift weights?

Running ...

So you want to run?
Gold Coast Half Marathon 2011 .. My Taper
Gold Coast Half Marathon 2011  .. Run Plan
Gold Coast Half Marathon 2011 .. Race Recap
My favourite run

My Workouts ...             

One minute workout
Kettlebell Workout
At home Sweaty Mess Workout
Flirty Thirty Workout
Outdoor Do It Anywhere Workout
Taking it Outside Workout
Indoor Strength Workout