Two a day ...

I've never really been much for doing it twice a day.  Once a day and I'm usually pretty over it.  But to fit it all in today, I had a quick one in this morning and then I ventured out again later this evening.  And I must say I'm feeling rather good too!

Now, I understand that some research shows that running .. yes, I'm talking about running.  You people are a bit naughty if you were thinking anything else!
Anyway, as I was saying, some research suggests that running twice a day can increase your strength and fitness a bit faster.  That's a bonus!  My main objective was to actually fit a decent run in!  And as I said I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

My first run was this morning with my daughter.  Just a short 3.5km as she is training for her school cross country which is on this week.  I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to clock a few kilometres.  But because I am really wanting to up my overage mileage, I thought I would add an extra run in this evening while my daughter was at dance and my son was at soccer practice.  With them taken care of for an hour I had the perfect opportunity.

And, it was great!  I wasn't fatigued from this morning as it was only short and I did another 5.8km really comfortably.  So in total it has added up to a decent effort and I know that I felt better this afternoon than if I had slogged it out all at once.

I'm now thinking that I might make this a regular two a day training day.  It's a great way to fit in those extra kilometres if you are a bit short on time some days.

Do you train twice a day?  How does it work for you?

Stay strong, stay focused!

Fit Mum x

And so begins another week ...

It's Sunday night and it appears that another week is beginning .. another week of making school lunches and racing from here to there.

Last week was not a special week training wise as I was still a bit "off".  I'm positive that this weekend has been just what I needed to get back on track.  My only training last week was my PT session on Tuesday, which I felt a bit lack lustre but still managed to train hard and recovered well.  I went for a hill walk on the treadmill of Friday and picked it up to a run just to blow a few cobwebs away and felt pretty good after that! 

I did, however, do my long run for the week.  My first run back in 2 weeks and I wasn't sure how I was going to go.  I tried to stay positive and headed out feeling pretty good.  Baxter ( our border collie ) seemed a bit slow and had a limp which I put down to the 21km he clocked yesterday with my hubby.  We pushed on, making sure that I kept the pace slow ( really, I was concerned about Baxter!! ).  We stopped a few times for the usual things .. he needed to pee on the trees, drink stop and a little boy wanted a pat of Bax!  To be honest, I was not bothered by the stops at all .. I was more than happy for the extra minute or two rest!
On the way home though, I started to get a bit tight in my knee which I haven't felt for a few years.  I'm hoping it's only that I logged 11km on my first run back from time off .. maybe I shouldn't have been so ambitious but I was feeling pretty good!  Might need an extra stretch during training this week, so I'll keep an eye on it.

The family highlight of the weekend was the first soccer game for Master 5.  He was so excited about it all week and he was not disappointed.  It was hot out and he got a bit distracted but he still wore his jersey for the rest of the day!

The rest of the weekend was the usual weekend stuff .. you know, the washing, cleaning ... blah!  We did take the kids out for a quick trip to Baskin Robbins on Saturday night .. they love going out for ice cream!  Note to hubby .. I really was going to share my two scoops with you but I didn't think you wanted them ... ooops! 
I did sit down for a quick coffee this afternoon though.  Not exciting I know but I really just wanted to try out the new latte mugs I picked up on shopping trip yesterday!
I always make sure that I sit down and enjoy my coffee, gives me a few minutes to think!  Even the kids know not to interrupt during coffee time!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!  Do what you can and don't stress if you can't finish the list! Most importantly .. enjoy the times with your family!

Fit Mum x

Working on my diet

No, sorry I can't eat that, I'm on a diet ...

Just like loads of people, I wouldn't mind shifting a few kilos.  Or as I prefer to say, I have a few adjustments to make.  Whether it's 5kg or 25kg, we have all got a vision of what we should look like or what size our clothes should be.  Whether it's right or not isn't really up to the general population, it's up to us and what makes us happy .. unless of course, it's going to make us unwell and affect our health.

As part of my continuing education for work, I attended a seminar last week on Nutrition for Exercise and Sport.  I really got a lot out of it .. much of which I already knew but it was great to hear it again and put into context. 

Most importantly, it got me thinking that I should probably spend a bit more time considering my training fuel, especially while I am pushing my body and training hard to improve.

Possibly the topic that stood out the most for me was my carbohydrate intake. 
I know, I said that word .. I'll say it again .. carbohydrate.  It seems to be such a naughty word when it comes to diets with everyone wanting to cut them out of their diet because that's what is going to make them fat.  Maybe what they don't realise is that carbs are the body's primary fuel source .. OMG! I know we really do need them!                                                             

Now, I eat carbs, I don't avoid them, in fact I'm quite fond of them.  If I eat too much, well my body just doesn't like that at all and I feel bloated and uncomfortable ( I will refrain from mentioning any further bodily functions ... ).  So to combat this, I limit my intake a bit.

However, after the seminar, I'm thinking that I might need to reconsider and really try to fit in some extra throughout my day.  It's going to have the added benefit of keeping my energy up for training and fitting everything in throughout the day.  This is not to say I'm going to have free reign to eat huge bowls of pasta or cakes. 

I'm not sure how I'll do it but I'm going to try and balance my diet a little better so that I can get the best from myself and my training.   Tipping the scales a little this way instead of that way might give me the right balance of essential nutrients .. carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals so that my body can run, refuel and repair at it's best!

I'll make sure I note any fabulous recipes and tips as I come across them and I'm always looking for new ideas.

Does anyone else have any tried and tested, tips and tricks to keep their diet balanced and training on track?

Stay strong, stay focused

Fit Mum x

Playing catch up ...

It's been a little while since I last sat down to have a chat with my blog.  Nearly a week! Time has certainly flown by, or maybe it's just that I'm getting older and the world is moving a bit faster ... 

Last week was a bit disappointing really.  From an everything point of view .. training was superbly lacking, I reverted back to the "see food" diet .. you know when you see it you eat it because if it was a carb or chocolate and not nailed down, I was going to consume it .. and I was EXHAUSTED! I am saying that in capitals because I completely hit the wall .. napping during the day exhausted.  And for me to stop and sleep on the couch after lunch, there must be something going on.  

I'm not sure what caused such a culmination of blah in my week.  I have run through it a few times in my head .. well maybe more than a few .. just not quite at the obsessing point ... and have decided that there's just been too much of a good thing.  A combination of training, eating, working, playing and chasing the kids commitments.  My body screamed at me last week and told me to stop just to let me catch up with myself.  Done.  I've slowed, I've rested .. let's move on!

This week is my week to make my comeback! I've had my birthday and I'm not going to let another year slow me down .. really, this is only the third time I've been 29 so I think I'm aging well!
This week is all about focus and finding a balance between training, work, diet and number one .. family.  And this is the way it should be all the time .. not having to race off between various commitments.  Let's take some time to remember what really is important.

Next on the list, I must get my head back into my fitness goal for the moment .. the Gold Coast Half Marathon.  As I mentioned training has been seriously lacking in the last week so I need to get myself back on track.  Yep, I was questioning whether I really wanted to do this, whether I really like running that much anyway.  Easy answer for that one .. I know that I will regret not making the effort when I know that I can do it.  I will just have to pull on my running shoes again, get out in the fresh air and remember why I really love it!

Now that I have cleared my head of all those messy thoughts from last week  I must make an effort to get enough sleep!   

Don't let the little hiccups get you down.  Let your life, or your body catch up with you and stay strong and focused. 

Fit Mum x


Why are you wearing that?

It's hot again today .. almost unbearably hot.  I can stand hot, in fact I really LOVE summer as compared with winter ( or what we call winter ) but I've just about had enough.  I would dearly love to be able to feel a nice cool breeze rather than feeling my clothes sticking to me.

When I got home from work today, I sat down and listened to the birds out the back in the trees and have my lunch. It really was rather peaceful!
Except that I'm still in my work clothes .. fabulously figure hugging stretchy pants that if you're not careful show the extra cupcakes .. not that I have any of these by the way, well not this week anyway!  And my running shoes and socks .. these are the first things I get rid of .. just to get a bit of air for my poor toes!

I decided to change into something cool, and something that did not remotely resemble any form of training gear.  I changed into a summer dress .. sometimes a girl just wants to wear a dress!

Off to school I went to pick the kids up.  I was nice and cool and feeling the breeze around my legs finally .. but no, not Marilyn style because that's not a good look at school.

This is how the conversation went when I met my daughter ...
Me:               Hi babe, how was your day?
Daughter:         Why are you wearing that?
Me:               Because it would be rather embarrassing for me to pick you up in my underwear ...
Daughter:      Where are we going?
Me:               Nowhere ...
Daughter:      Where are you going?
Me:               Nowhere ...
Daughter:      Then why are you wearing that?

I grew tired of this conversation at this point, so proceeded to ask my son how his day was .. he didn't even comment on what I was wearing ( typical though .. clearly they learn very young! ).

I didn't expect that my choice of clothing was going to be such an issue! I love wearing dresses in summer, it makes me feel a little bit like a lady and really, can't a girl just wear a dress without having to answer a dozen questions??

Maybe next time I should consult my fashion stylist prior to choosing my outfit?

Don't you sometimes feel like dressing it up just a little when you get the chance?

Fit Mum x

Will you be there?

It's always exciting when you book accommodation for a holiday! It was no different yesterday when I booked an apartment on the gorgeous Gold Coast for 3 nights.  Even though it is in July, which is right in the middle of winter, it's a holiday.  Well, sort of ...

I have booked the accommodation for the Gold Coast Marathon weekend! And whilst this is a weekend of nervousness and hard work, this is my mid year holiday.  It is usually a quite enjoyable weekend and this year is the first year that my daughter will take part in one of the races! As a family we should be well represented .. hubby runs the marathon, I will be doing the half marathon and our daughter will run her first fun run .. the 4km Junior Dash and our son is begging us to run too, but we've told him at 5 years old he is still a little bit young!

Hopefully, we will even have time for a trip to the beach .. it's across the road from the apartment so there's a pretty good chance! 

As much as I am really looking forward to this brief weekend escape, I keep reminding myself that I had better make sure I keep up my training.  Sometimes my motivation lacks a little bit and I have to remind myself of my goals .. to keep me on track I might put some pictures of the view from the apartment around the house to remind me.  The view is pretty stunning .. imagine relaxing on the balcony after securing a PB and sipping on a glass of bubbly ... 

What inspiration do you use to keep you motivated and on track when your training program gets a little ugly?

Will I see you at the Gold Coast in July this year??

Fit Mum x

Enjoy your weekend workout

I have been thinking that I should start to make the effort to write a little bit more on my blog.  I'm not sure what about but I had been thinking about it for a while before I actually took the plunge.  I've always wanted to write a journal and studiously I begin, I buy a lovely notebook and make the first few days entries religiously .. then it all just fades into the background of books on the bedside table. 
So, I thought that writing a blog might make a difference.  I'm not particularly regular ( at writing that is! ) but I'm keeping at it and I will improve.  Not sure what I'm going to talk about but have so far found it quite relaxing to write down my thoughts occasionally.  Nothing special, I'm a regular mum with 2 kids, cat, dog, husband, job .. and I want to be the fittest and strongest that I can be .. this is what I'm using to keep me motivated.  If by chance someone else is even a little bit motivated by reading this then that is fabulous!

Anyway, that was a random thought that pops up occasionally and I've now said it.  Back to today, it's the weekend again and I have been looking forward to it for a whole week!  As usual we are up early for swimming training .. it's a bit of a drama trying to get moving but it's over and done with early and I have the rest of the day to do what I like ( read .. housework .. ).
My plan for the day was to get home from swimming and head out for my run for the weekend.  By the time I got home it was getting a bit later than planned so I was starting to prepare my excuses .. it's getting hot and it might rain .. well, that's all there was really.  Apparently it wasn't particularly convincing .. 
I didn't have my usual running mate, Baxter our border collie .. he had already clocked 18km early this morning on hubby's long run.  It really was a bit hot to take him given he had to wear his thick fur coat!  So, I grabbed my ipod to listen to some tunes .. it was flat! Geez, kids!
Heading out the door I felt rather naked with no dog, no ipod, what was I going to do?!  
Moving along an hour later, I had a great run! The best part was the run through the bush on the way home.  I could hear the leaves and gravel as I ran, I could hear all the birds and the bush smelled great after the rain! 
As much as I missed my mate, I'm thinking that every now and again I might head out completely alone and just enjoy the run!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend workout!

Fit Mum x

Make the most of yourself ...

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you" ... Emerson

I saw this quote today and for some reason it rang some bells with me .. I'm all for making the most of what you have.  I see so many different ways that this can relate to our everyday lives that always seem so busy.  So, I thought that I would share ... 

Firstly, it is important to always try to the best of your abilities.  You may only get one opportunity, make the most of it.  It will pay off .. you may even surprise yourself with the sense of achievement / accomplishment / satisfaction that YOU made it happen! Be the best that you can be ...

Secondly, stop comparing yourself to others.  You are not them and they are not you .. you are different people with different thoughts, needs, wants and abilities and each are unique to YOU.  Besides, it wastes so much precious energy and you have got better things to do than worrying about what others are doing.  Make the most of YOU!

Lastly,  do something for yourself.  I know, I know, I'm already hearing you say that you don't have time!  Well, it's important! Make time for you .. make the most of you.  It doesn't have to be every day, even if it's just once a week where you can do something that you enjoy that lets you think ( or not think! ) away from all the daily goings on.  You are special, why not let yourself feel that way ...

Wow, now that I have written this all down it seems a bit deep and thoughtful!

What does this quote mean to you? 

Now off you go and .. Make the most of yourselves!!

Fit Mum x

It's Tuesday ...

Well, it's Tuesday .. the weekend has been over for 2 days and I've sort of caught up on a few of the things that were left behind while we partied for my son's 5th birthday!
I spent Sunday running between the laundry and the oven.  The washing is not much exciting I'm afraid but I was having a lovely relaxing time baking cakes.  Yes, it is normal in our family to have 3 different birthday cakes .. family, friends and school!

Needless to say, I may have over indulged on cake batter.  No really, I swear it should be a food group!  I will however endeavour to take a positive out of my nutritionally imbalanced meal .. I felt great on my Monday morning run, almost back to my last season times! Yay!  I so rather chuffed with my effort that I thought I would celebrate with the purchase of a new pair of running shoes.  I really did need them .. honest! Not that there's anything wrong with the new pair I bought two months ago .. I just wear running shoes all day and I don't like wearing wet, sweaty shoes!

I know, they're blue .. don't you love them!

I got to try them out this morning when I took my daughter out for her training run .. 2.5km.  Her goal is two 4km fun runs in the next few months and I'm sure in a few weeks she'll be faster than me but for now I'm telling myself that I'm taking it a bit slow for her benefit!

After work today was my PT strength training.  Great session .. though I think I'm going to feel it tomorrow.  It appears my PT has decided that we are going to do strength endurance training my legs for running and high reps was the order of the day today.  I'm staying positive that I will still be able to get through my run tomorrow! Mmmm, on that note I must push off and take some magnesium before bed .. I think my muscles are going to need all the help they can get this week! 

What do you do to keep your muscles loving you when you have pushed them to their limits?

Remember, it's your body, your life, your choice .. make it a good choice!

Fit Mum x

Astromazing week!

This week seems to have just flown by! Super busy with all the usual things, I think I must be running on adrenalin to get it all come together.  I have slowed up a bit on my training in recent weeks, which isn't great with my Half Marathon goal in a few months but this week I made that extra effort to put training back on the daily agenda and I am feeling so much better for it, both physically and mentally!

So far, the best part of my week was taking the time to stop for a morning coffee catch up with a friend of mine.  She listened while I ranted and raved a bit but it helped me to clear my head. Aren't good friends just the best!! 

Last week I made a commitment to try attend a Body Balance class at least once a week.  I did that last weekend and I mentioned that I was feeling a little less stiff.  Well, that was until the next day when my hips were so sore from being stretched I could barely finish walking my run! I'm not one to give up that easily when the going gets tough so I went to another class to see if I could survive a little better.  I feel definitely feel like I've stretched but I survived this one relatively unscathed! And it gave me a chance to slow down a bit from the week and before the weekend starts.

By far, the most exciting part of this week has to be today's birthday party for my 5 year old son.   He is so excited! And I am madly running around the place to clean up and finish getting food ready for the boys who seem to have endless energy and bottomless pits for stomachs!  Enter party food .. cheerios, mini pizzas, chips, lollies .. you know, all the good things that blow the diet and give them a sugar rush just in time to send them home to their parents!
I was up last night finishing off the birthday cake .. don't tell him about it though because I thought I would surprise him ...

A blank canvas ...
 His current obsession ... I must say it's a bit of a flashback to the cartoons I used to watch ...

When my daughter saw it, she told me it was amazing and she thought someone else might have made it! I was a bit chuffed at this I must say .. quite proud of my efforts!  Maybe not mum of the year .. but ... I can't wait to see his face!

Well, I must go, I have party bags to prepare! 

Fit Mum x