Fit Mum Mother's Day gift ideas ...

I know, I know, I'm a little bit late with this but I thought I might run a quick post on some ideas for Mother's Day for the Fit Mums out there .. or those who are working on it!

My Mother's Day ( or Christmas, or birthday ) wish list is printed in full colour and placed front and centre on the fridge.  I even include the place that these gifts can be sourced. I'm helpful like that.

This list is of course, not exhaustive, it's just a few ideas for the various goodies you may need in your artillery as a fit, healthy and exercising mumma.

Let's start with the basics ...

Everyone needs more exercise gear right?  Why not put in a request for a gift card from your favourite store or from where you have been eyeing something off for a while?

They get a bit gross after a while and it can't hurt to have extra!

PS .. these are not my legs.
 I do not have stick legs ..



One can never have too many pairs of exercise tights .. right?                            

It appears as though I may be a little obsessed with exercise gear ...

Ok, enough of the basics ...

I love my arm band.  Mine is not expensive, in fact I think I found it on eBay for $2.55.  I know you can get basic ones from Big W for less than $20 .. seriously, they do the job.

Either your phone or your tunes, it keeps your hands free and you won't drop your device, which could be nasty.

Fitness DVD.  There are heaps out there.  My advice, work exactly what you want it for then research the different DVDs until you find the one that will suit you.  You may need to go online and check them out as they can be hard to find in the stores sometimes.  I'm rather attached to my yoga DVDs at the moment as I feel I need the extra stretch. 

Why not add a mat to go with the DVD! 

Rebel Sport / Amart $25 - $30 ..

Why not try a magazine subscription for a little extra motivation and information. There are quite a few exclusively women's health and fitness type magazines around.  Look for one that has the type of  information that you are after.  They are not all for everyone!

If you are wanting to get a little more serious, what about a Heart Rate Monitor?  A great tool for working out either indoors or outdoors.  You can get them with GPS type thingies too so you know how far and fast you are walking, running as well as how many calories you are burning.  I am currently using a Garmin but I have had Polar in the past and I love them too!  If you are just starting out you may not want one with all the bells and whistles, just the essentials, as they range in price from around $90 to $600.  Again, research them online or visiting a sports store.  If you are happy with your choice, you may even find it online a bit cheaper.

Garmin Forerunner 70 Women's Heart Rate Monitor
Garmin .. $200
Polar .. $129

A Recipe Book
Sick of thinking of healthy options for dinner?  There are heaps of recipe books out by the super fit people.  I really do like the Michelle Bridges ones though as she offers some seriously down to earth advice too!

Book Cover:  Crunch Time Cookbook: 100 Knockout Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss

Ok, so there's a few ideas to get you started. 

Mums out there, what's on your list for Mother's Day? 

 Do you have any fabulous suggestions we can add to the list?

Vicki x