Two a day ...

I've never really been much for doing it twice a day.  Once a day and I'm usually pretty over it.  But to fit it all in today, I had a quick one in this morning and then I ventured out again later this evening.  And I must say I'm feeling rather good too!

Now, I understand that some research shows that running .. yes, I'm talking about running.  You people are a bit naughty if you were thinking anything else!
Anyway, as I was saying, some research suggests that running twice a day can increase your strength and fitness a bit faster.  That's a bonus!  My main objective was to actually fit a decent run in!  And as I said I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

My first run was this morning with my daughter.  Just a short 3.5km as she is training for her school cross country which is on this week.  I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to clock a few kilometres.  But because I am really wanting to up my overage mileage, I thought I would add an extra run in this evening while my daughter was at dance and my son was at soccer practice.  With them taken care of for an hour I had the perfect opportunity.

And, it was great!  I wasn't fatigued from this morning as it was only short and I did another 5.8km really comfortably.  So in total it has added up to a decent effort and I know that I felt better this afternoon than if I had slogged it out all at once.

I'm now thinking that I might make this a regular two a day training day.  It's a great way to fit in those extra kilometres if you are a bit short on time some days.

Do you train twice a day?  How does it work for you?

Stay strong, stay focused!

Fit Mum x