Enjoy your weekend workout

I have been thinking that I should start to make the effort to write a little bit more on my blog.  I'm not sure what about but I had been thinking about it for a while before I actually took the plunge.  I've always wanted to write a journal and studiously I begin, I buy a lovely notebook and make the first few days entries religiously .. then it all just fades into the background of books on the bedside table. 
So, I thought that writing a blog might make a difference.  I'm not particularly regular ( at writing that is! ) but I'm keeping at it and I will improve.  Not sure what I'm going to talk about but have so far found it quite relaxing to write down my thoughts occasionally.  Nothing special, I'm a regular mum with 2 kids, cat, dog, husband, job .. and I want to be the fittest and strongest that I can be .. this is what I'm using to keep me motivated.  If by chance someone else is even a little bit motivated by reading this then that is fabulous!

Anyway, that was a random thought that pops up occasionally and I've now said it.  Back to today, it's the weekend again and I have been looking forward to it for a whole week!  As usual we are up early for swimming training .. it's a bit of a drama trying to get moving but it's over and done with early and I have the rest of the day to do what I like ( read .. housework .. ).
My plan for the day was to get home from swimming and head out for my run for the weekend.  By the time I got home it was getting a bit later than planned so I was starting to prepare my excuses .. it's getting hot and it might rain .. well, that's all there was really.  Apparently it wasn't particularly convincing .. 
I didn't have my usual running mate, Baxter our border collie .. he had already clocked 18km early this morning on hubby's long run.  It really was a bit hot to take him given he had to wear his thick fur coat!  So, I grabbed my ipod to listen to some tunes .. it was flat! Geez, kids!
Heading out the door I felt rather naked with no dog, no ipod, what was I going to do?!  
Moving along an hour later, I had a great run! The best part was the run through the bush on the way home.  I could hear the leaves and gravel as I ran, I could hear all the birds and the bush smelled great after the rain! 
As much as I missed my mate, I'm thinking that every now and again I might head out completely alone and just enjoy the run!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend workout!

Fit Mum x