Astromazing week!

This week seems to have just flown by! Super busy with all the usual things, I think I must be running on adrenalin to get it all come together.  I have slowed up a bit on my training in recent weeks, which isn't great with my Half Marathon goal in a few months but this week I made that extra effort to put training back on the daily agenda and I am feeling so much better for it, both physically and mentally!

So far, the best part of my week was taking the time to stop for a morning coffee catch up with a friend of mine.  She listened while I ranted and raved a bit but it helped me to clear my head. Aren't good friends just the best!! 

Last week I made a commitment to try attend a Body Balance class at least once a week.  I did that last weekend and I mentioned that I was feeling a little less stiff.  Well, that was until the next day when my hips were so sore from being stretched I could barely finish walking my run! I'm not one to give up that easily when the going gets tough so I went to another class to see if I could survive a little better.  I feel definitely feel like I've stretched but I survived this one relatively unscathed! And it gave me a chance to slow down a bit from the week and before the weekend starts.

By far, the most exciting part of this week has to be today's birthday party for my 5 year old son.   He is so excited! And I am madly running around the place to clean up and finish getting food ready for the boys who seem to have endless energy and bottomless pits for stomachs!  Enter party food .. cheerios, mini pizzas, chips, lollies .. you know, all the good things that blow the diet and give them a sugar rush just in time to send them home to their parents!
I was up last night finishing off the birthday cake .. don't tell him about it though because I thought I would surprise him ...

A blank canvas ...
 His current obsession ... I must say it's a bit of a flashback to the cartoons I used to watch ...

When my daughter saw it, she told me it was amazing and she thought someone else might have made it! I was a bit chuffed at this I must say .. quite proud of my efforts!  Maybe not mum of the year .. but ... I can't wait to see his face!

Well, I must go, I have party bags to prepare! 

Fit Mum x



Cait said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

haha how fun :) you are so talented! love your post and blog!

Fit Mum said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks! The kids love the cakes and I eat too much batter .. hence the need to run ;)