Why are you wearing that?

It's hot again today .. almost unbearably hot.  I can stand hot, in fact I really LOVE summer as compared with winter ( or what we call winter ) but I've just about had enough.  I would dearly love to be able to feel a nice cool breeze rather than feeling my clothes sticking to me.

When I got home from work today, I sat down and listened to the birds out the back in the trees and have my lunch. It really was rather peaceful!
Except that I'm still in my work clothes .. fabulously figure hugging stretchy pants that if you're not careful show the extra cupcakes .. not that I have any of these by the way, well not this week anyway!  And my running shoes and socks .. these are the first things I get rid of .. just to get a bit of air for my poor toes!

I decided to change into something cool, and something that did not remotely resemble any form of training gear.  I changed into a summer dress .. sometimes a girl just wants to wear a dress!

Off to school I went to pick the kids up.  I was nice and cool and feeling the breeze around my legs finally .. but no, not Marilyn style because that's not a good look at school.

This is how the conversation went when I met my daughter ...
Me:               Hi babe, how was your day?
Daughter:         Why are you wearing that?
Me:               Because it would be rather embarrassing for me to pick you up in my underwear ...
Daughter:      Where are we going?
Me:               Nowhere ...
Daughter:      Where are you going?
Me:               Nowhere ...
Daughter:      Then why are you wearing that?

I grew tired of this conversation at this point, so proceeded to ask my son how his day was .. he didn't even comment on what I was wearing ( typical though .. clearly they learn very young! ).

I didn't expect that my choice of clothing was going to be such an issue! I love wearing dresses in summer, it makes me feel a little bit like a lady and really, can't a girl just wear a dress without having to answer a dozen questions??

Maybe next time I should consult my fashion stylist prior to choosing my outfit?

Don't you sometimes feel like dressing it up just a little when you get the chance?

Fit Mum x


Raylea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh I so hear you!!! Lovely to read your story, and great to know it's not just my daughters that often question my choice of dress!!