It's Tuesday ...

Well, it's Tuesday .. the weekend has been over for 2 days and I've sort of caught up on a few of the things that were left behind while we partied for my son's 5th birthday!
I spent Sunday running between the laundry and the oven.  The washing is not much exciting I'm afraid but I was having a lovely relaxing time baking cakes.  Yes, it is normal in our family to have 3 different birthday cakes .. family, friends and school!

Needless to say, I may have over indulged on cake batter.  No really, I swear it should be a food group!  I will however endeavour to take a positive out of my nutritionally imbalanced meal .. I felt great on my Monday morning run, almost back to my last season times! Yay!  I so rather chuffed with my effort that I thought I would celebrate with the purchase of a new pair of running shoes.  I really did need them .. honest! Not that there's anything wrong with the new pair I bought two months ago .. I just wear running shoes all day and I don't like wearing wet, sweaty shoes!

I know, they're blue .. don't you love them!

I got to try them out this morning when I took my daughter out for her training run .. 2.5km.  Her goal is two 4km fun runs in the next few months and I'm sure in a few weeks she'll be faster than me but for now I'm telling myself that I'm taking it a bit slow for her benefit!

After work today was my PT strength training.  Great session .. though I think I'm going to feel it tomorrow.  It appears my PT has decided that we are going to do strength endurance training my legs for running and high reps was the order of the day today.  I'm staying positive that I will still be able to get through my run tomorrow! Mmmm, on that note I must push off and take some magnesium before bed .. I think my muscles are going to need all the help they can get this week! 

What do you do to keep your muscles loving you when you have pushed them to their limits?

Remember, it's your body, your life, your choice .. make it a good choice!

Fit Mum x