Will you be there?

It's always exciting when you book accommodation for a holiday! It was no different yesterday when I booked an apartment on the gorgeous Gold Coast for 3 nights.  Even though it is in July, which is right in the middle of winter, it's a holiday.  Well, sort of ...

I have booked the accommodation for the Gold Coast Marathon weekend! And whilst this is a weekend of nervousness and hard work, this is my mid year holiday.  It is usually a quite enjoyable weekend and this year is the first year that my daughter will take part in one of the races! As a family we should be well represented .. hubby runs the marathon, I will be doing the half marathon and our daughter will run her first fun run .. the 4km Junior Dash and our son is begging us to run too, but we've told him at 5 years old he is still a little bit young!

Hopefully, we will even have time for a trip to the beach .. it's across the road from the apartment so there's a pretty good chance! 

As much as I am really looking forward to this brief weekend escape, I keep reminding myself that I had better make sure I keep up my training.  Sometimes my motivation lacks a little bit and I have to remind myself of my goals .. to keep me on track I might put some pictures of the view from the apartment around the house to remind me.  The view is pretty stunning .. imagine relaxing on the balcony after securing a PB and sipping on a glass of bubbly ... 

What inspiration do you use to keep you motivated and on track when your training program gets a little ugly?

Will I see you at the Gold Coast in July this year??

Fit Mum x


Kristi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Keep up the good work! I will be joining you for the GC Marathon! Like you we have 2 children, 2 dogs, a career, and too many commitments to mention... Just wanted to encourage you that you can do this. While training for my first marathon recently, I began to doubt my love for running about 3/4 of the way through. However, after finishing 04:32:27 I am in a quest for improvement! GC goal is to be at 04:00:00!! I think I can do it, just from all the many things I learned. I've found that giving myself small rewards, (either a mid-week skiped run, or some fun outing with the family) helped me to stay on track. Also, running with two girl friends from grade school helped! Hope to 'run' into you!
May all the hills be down, and the wind be at your back!

Fit Mum said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi Kristi .. thanks for the encouragement. Definitely need it every now and again as you said with so many commitments!
Congrats to you on your first marathon! I take my hat off to you. Sounds like you have been bitten by the bug and with your commitment you are going to make your 4hours! I'll be cheering you on. Keep in touch and we can motivate each other!
Vic x