No Bear Grylls here ...

Long run today.  15km.  I'm a bit nervous.  I really just want to be able to make the distance.  I know I have before but these longs runs just make me nervous.

I headed out at an easy pace that I felt that I could maintain for at least the first 5km.  I felt pretty good too at the first drink stop which is 5.5km.  I headed off to the turn around still feeling good and maintaining my pace, I may have even picked it up just a little bit. 

At about 8km my running partner, Baxter, seemed to be slowing up a bit.  I know that if I had run 21km the day before and I was wearing a huge thick coat I'd probably be slowing up a bit too!  So, a quick call to the back up crew and we met them at 9km so Bax could have his early mark.  I ushered him into the back of the car and I continued home feeling kind of fresh .. which I was rather chuffed about given I'd already done almost 10km!

Nothing exciting to report for the most part of the return run other than it was quite warm in the sun, but who doesn't love a shirt tan from running! I'll accept this as my badge of honour!

About a half a kilometre from home I was stopped by someone walking their dog.  I didn't mind though .. he wanted to warn me about the snake on the path ahead!
Not sure if he was joking or not, he suggested that maybe I just keep going on the path and jump over it! Ah, NO!  Good thing I could make a very wide detour behind the trees or I would have had to add another 3km and I was getting into that zone where I just want to be home .. NOW!

Luckily, I don't think the snake was dangerous, well as far as snakes go .. but he was as wide as the path ( almost 6 feet! ) and as big as my forearm.  I'm not a princess ( well not always ) but I'm certainly no Bear Grylls and I'm afraid of a snake that's bigger than me!  After making my very quick detour, I headed home with a bit more of a spring in my step .. much to be said about adrenalin!

Long run done and I'm happy with my effort and time.  Actually looking forward to next week's run .. provided there are no reptiles to greet me!

Stay strong, stay focused!

Fit Mum x


Katy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hi! thanks for your comment!

I would have done a big detour around the snake too, yikes!