Working on my diet

No, sorry I can't eat that, I'm on a diet ...

Just like loads of people, I wouldn't mind shifting a few kilos.  Or as I prefer to say, I have a few adjustments to make.  Whether it's 5kg or 25kg, we have all got a vision of what we should look like or what size our clothes should be.  Whether it's right or not isn't really up to the general population, it's up to us and what makes us happy .. unless of course, it's going to make us unwell and affect our health.

As part of my continuing education for work, I attended a seminar last week on Nutrition for Exercise and Sport.  I really got a lot out of it .. much of which I already knew but it was great to hear it again and put into context. 

Most importantly, it got me thinking that I should probably spend a bit more time considering my training fuel, especially while I am pushing my body and training hard to improve.

Possibly the topic that stood out the most for me was my carbohydrate intake. 
I know, I said that word .. I'll say it again .. carbohydrate.  It seems to be such a naughty word when it comes to diets with everyone wanting to cut them out of their diet because that's what is going to make them fat.  Maybe what they don't realise is that carbs are the body's primary fuel source .. OMG! I know we really do need them!                                                             

Now, I eat carbs, I don't avoid them, in fact I'm quite fond of them.  If I eat too much, well my body just doesn't like that at all and I feel bloated and uncomfortable ( I will refrain from mentioning any further bodily functions ... ).  So to combat this, I limit my intake a bit.

However, after the seminar, I'm thinking that I might need to reconsider and really try to fit in some extra throughout my day.  It's going to have the added benefit of keeping my energy up for training and fitting everything in throughout the day.  This is not to say I'm going to have free reign to eat huge bowls of pasta or cakes. 

I'm not sure how I'll do it but I'm going to try and balance my diet a little better so that I can get the best from myself and my training.   Tipping the scales a little this way instead of that way might give me the right balance of essential nutrients .. carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals so that my body can run, refuel and repair at it's best!

I'll make sure I note any fabulous recipes and tips as I come across them and I'm always looking for new ideas.

Does anyone else have any tried and tested, tips and tricks to keep their diet balanced and training on track?

Stay strong, stay focused

Fit Mum x