Playing catch up ...

It's been a little while since I last sat down to have a chat with my blog.  Nearly a week! Time has certainly flown by, or maybe it's just that I'm getting older and the world is moving a bit faster ... 

Last week was a bit disappointing really.  From an everything point of view .. training was superbly lacking, I reverted back to the "see food" diet .. you know when you see it you eat it because if it was a carb or chocolate and not nailed down, I was going to consume it .. and I was EXHAUSTED! I am saying that in capitals because I completely hit the wall .. napping during the day exhausted.  And for me to stop and sleep on the couch after lunch, there must be something going on.  

I'm not sure what caused such a culmination of blah in my week.  I have run through it a few times in my head .. well maybe more than a few .. just not quite at the obsessing point ... and have decided that there's just been too much of a good thing.  A combination of training, eating, working, playing and chasing the kids commitments.  My body screamed at me last week and told me to stop just to let me catch up with myself.  Done.  I've slowed, I've rested .. let's move on!

This week is my week to make my comeback! I've had my birthday and I'm not going to let another year slow me down .. really, this is only the third time I've been 29 so I think I'm aging well!
This week is all about focus and finding a balance between training, work, diet and number one .. family.  And this is the way it should be all the time .. not having to race off between various commitments.  Let's take some time to remember what really is important.

Next on the list, I must get my head back into my fitness goal for the moment .. the Gold Coast Half Marathon.  As I mentioned training has been seriously lacking in the last week so I need to get myself back on track.  Yep, I was questioning whether I really wanted to do this, whether I really like running that much anyway.  Easy answer for that one .. I know that I will regret not making the effort when I know that I can do it.  I will just have to pull on my running shoes again, get out in the fresh air and remember why I really love it!

Now that I have cleared my head of all those messy thoughts from last week  I must make an effort to get enough sleep!   

Don't let the little hiccups get you down.  Let your life, or your body catch up with you and stay strong and focused. 

Fit Mum x