Training update .. Recovery week

This week has been marginally better than last week.  I am not curled up in a ball, so that's a start!
After last week's exhaustion, stress, muscle soreness, I've decided that this week should be a recovery week.  I've taken it a bit easy this week .. hence, my weekly challenge ... flexibility and relaxing!

This week's training looked like this

Monday          PT Session .. 30 minutes
                        Usual PT strength session .. I'm not giving this one up because it's so important
                        to keep building.  To fit in with my recovery weeks we are going to vary the intensity
                        of my training ... keeping to some garden variety stuff

Tuesday         Walk .. hills .. 45 minutes
                        Instead of our usual run .. recovery dictates that I do something a little less strenuous
                        than running .. we walked .. hills .. so I felt like I actually did some work!

Wednesday   First day of my weekly challenge to incorporate more flexibility, relaxing
                        Yoga .. 15 minutes .. not much I know but this is just the start

Thursday        To be honest I'm not feeling super motivated today .. a bit, well, blah ...

Friday             Yoga .. 20 minutes
                        Again, not feeling super motivated but I promised myself I would do something
                        and you know what, I felt pretty good after I finished!  Blood pumping and all! 

Saturday /       Busy weekend is on the cards in my house .. I think the pace that I'm going to
Sunday            have to do the housework is going to give me a decent workout anyway!
                         Heading down the coast on Sunday, so we might even get a run around on the beach
                         with the kids .. maybe a bit of beach soccer!!

I think this recovery week is just what was needed to keep me going and keep me strong.  I'm going to get into next week with a new training routine knowing that my body is rested and ready to go!

Do you factor in a recovery week on a regular basis?  Sometimes it's hard to practice what you preach but it really is something that we all should do so that we can be the best we can be .. a chance to catch up with ourselves and re-evaluate what's happening.

I hope everyone has had a great week training!

Stay focused, stay strong

Fit Mum x


Liz@LastChanceTraining said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey Vic,
I had a bit of an enforced recovery week but I do take a bit of time every six to eight weeks to chill out and smell the roses.
Have a wonderful week!
Liz ;)