Last weeks update

I was a bit behind last week ... sick, tired and busy and not necessarily in that order ...

I managed to fit a few light sessions in just to keep me going.

Monday            Low Impact class at the gym
                          Like I said .. Low Impact ... which was good to just keep moving but not blast
                          myself away.   Heart rate got up a bit and I did get a bit sweaty .. which really is
                          the idea!

Tuesday           20 min hill walk on the TM
                         10 min sprints .. 30 sec on, 30 sec SR
                         Sprints weren't super fast but I was working!
                          20 minutes yoga
                          Getting sick .. afternoon was terrible

Wednesday     Getting sicker .. a quick visit to the doctor and I'm stocked up to get this over with
                          I am completely exhausted and not sleeping is not helping

Thursday          Resting up again, I am going to shake this and get back on track
                          My afternoons are again spent trying to have a catch up nap on the couch

Friday               Starting to return to normal.  Still tired
                          A quick nap again this afternoon before I head out to do a Body Balance class
                          It was great!

Weekend = trying to catch up as much as possible.

Not much to report this last week really, next week is going to be much better!

Fit Mum x