Training update for the week ..

I'm afraid there's nothing much exciting to report this week .. I've just plodded along and got on with the job.  I'm not aiming to break any records, just keep going. 

Monday          PT .. full body strength training
                        30 minutes
                        I really love my strength training.  I love the feeling of being strong and knowing that I
                        am strong.

Tuesday         I took our dog for a walk ... with us having stopped running training he is not getting
                       out much these days.  Feeling a bit ick though, got a coldsore coming on ..
                       yep, I must be run down .. my body is providing proof.
                       25 minutes
                       Friends and family over, catered for 16 people .. ate too much ...

Wednesday  Busy day today ... baby shower, birthday lunch .. yes, I ate too much ...
                       No exercise

Thursday       Got up early again this morning to take the dog for a walk .. though I ran most of the 
                       way.  Felt OK though I'm realising how much my legs are tightening up when I don't

Friday            Relaxing way to start the weekend with 30 minutes of yoga

I hope that everyone has had a great week training.

Enjoy the weekend, if you are training .. make it count ... if you are spending time with family and friends .. make it count!

Stay focused, Stay strong

Fit Mum x