Rain, hail or .. well, rain

I mentioned a week or so ago that I don't really like running in the rain.  Well, maybe I should just get used to it.  The weather here, again, is rather dismal, one minute it's just gorgeous and sunny and the next there is a downpour.  It's rather inconvenient actually.

Today was one of those days.  Yesterday's planned hill runs got rained out .. and there was no way I was going to miss another run.  I planned to go out after I finished work at lunch, if all else failed I was getting on the tready to force myself through at least 5km.

It rained on and off all morning and by lunch I was starting to worry that I would indeed have to step on the treadmill.  I even kept repeating my mantra for today .. I will just run, I don't care about the rain.

I sound like a princess don't I .. it's not like I'm going to have my hair ruined ( if you knew me, you would understand that hairstyling and myself do not blend well ) .. my make up is not going to run ( who wears make up when exercising anyway, I mean really? ) and I'm fairly certain I'm not going to melt.  Sorry, I've headed a bit off track haven't I?

I finished work .. no rain, I ran, it rained, then it stopped .. I looked a bit straggly when I got back but I was so happy that I headed out rather than the treadmill.  There was no way I was running 8km on the tready!

Some people really enjoy running in the rain? Me, I'd rather start dry and if it rains then I just have to suck it up ..
Do you like running in the rain?  Do you make sure you have your special rain gear ready just in case?

Whichever takes your fancy, just get out there!  Don't ever give up!

Stay strong, stay focused
Fit Mum x