Holiday training schedule

We have made it to the school holidays.  I wasn't sure if we were going to make it for a while as this last term has been so long.  Technically, it's only the kids that are on holidays as both hubby and myself still have to work.  I'm trying to pretend that I'm on holidays too .. I don't have to make lunches, no school runs, no after school commitments .. you know, the stuff that we keep running to day after day.

Each school holidays I ask the kids what they would like to do for a few days so that they don't feel as though I am constantly dragging them around on all my "fun" errands.  The usual responses .. movies, visit to grandmas, go out for ice cream, visit with friends.
We also have "kids choice" for dinner .. so far these holidays we have nachos, pizza, sushi on the menu ... Mmmm, I'm thinking I'd better up my training to accommodate the new menu!

Speaking of training, now that I have the kids with me every day, even at work, I'm going to have to rethink my training schedule.  It looks like I'm going to have to get creative!  I love that the gym I work at has a creche and they can go there while I'm working but they do get a little bored with that after a few days.

My best bet for the new training schedule is going to be getting up in the mornings before work ( not fussed but it's got to be done .. ick! ).  I have to share this with hubby so there will have to be a tight schedule to stick to!
Maybe one day we can head down to the park and while they play, I can thrash out some short intervals / sprints ... 
There's a running track / football field about 10 minutes drive away.  I could take them with me and while they are practising kicking the footy around, I'll do some laps.  This one has worked really well in the past .. let's hope it keeps them occupied for long enough!
My favourite though has to be when they come with me on the run and while I'm running they are riding their bikes.  Sometimes they are a bit slower, sometimes they are a bit faster but it all works out in the end and they get some decent exercise! 

As long as the kids are involved it sets the right example and shows that my training can involve them .. and it can be fun!

What fun or special things do you do to fit your training in around the kids if you have to?

Stay strong, stay focused

Fit Mum x