Rainy days have vanilla frosting ..

Rain, rain go away .. come again another day ...
Preferably, if you don't mind, between 10pm and 4am as I am asleep at these times and not requiring a beautiful fresh outdoors in which to run.  Don't get me wrong, I can run in the rain, however I do prefer to start dry and not have a heavy downpour obstructing my vision.
It was this that faced us this afternoon as I planned a short run with the kids.  My daughter was going to run with me and my son was going to lead us on his scooter .. alas, it was not to be ... Mother Nature decided that we should make cupcakes instead!!

This of course delighted the kids no end as there were the beaters to lick.  Of course, I tasted a SMALL scraping for quality control purposes ...
Plain and simple was the order for today .. chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  And yes, I tasted the frosting, again for quality control purposes only!  I can't be feeding my family and friends an inferior product now can I?

Further quality control was completed by hubby who tested one before heading out to the gym .. apparently they are the best I have ever made and tasted very chocolate mousse like.  Mmmm .. happy with that!

I realise that these are not an entirely appropriate choice when one is training and trying to ensure they do not put on weight .. as such I have not tasted the finished product .. I may yet fall victim.  I thought I might have one just before my run to really make sure that I burn off the extra calories!  I can do that right? 

Anyway, check it out ...  


Fit Mum x


lacesnpaces said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

wow... gotta love a good cupcake... (they lose their calories when you share anyway :P )

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

and share she did with a few making their way to our place...the kids and hubby did the quality control check and all was found to be delish...I refrained as I am afraid of my trainer...x