Feels like starting over ...

I haven't been around for a while.  I've been a bit busy and tired and consumed with the thoughts in my head.  I have wanted to write it down but just haven't been able to work out what I want to say.   

My doctor recommended that I take a little step back from training.  This is kind of big thing given that it's a big part of my job and my life.  The other downer is that I wanted to train!  Over the last week or so I've been laying a low, and have been feeling a bit sorry for myself.  

It sounds all doom and gloom but really it's not.  No injuries or anything hugely life threatening.  A health concern that left unchecked could lead to some other rather complicating health issues.  I'm now trying to get my head around it all and let my body catch up with itself.  A few adjustments needed to be made, particularly with my training, hence a week or so enforced time off regular training routine.  

I did train a little bit because the obsessive me couldn't completely miss out on training.  The reasonable me compromised and backed off weights a little and did some walk / jogs on the treadmill.  

That was last week.  Let's see what this week is going to bring.  I can't swing back into my full training program after having time off and my body needs to adjust to a few minor alterations, so I'm starting back with baby steps and hoping that I haven't lost too much.  

I'm trying not to think about my goal at the Gold Coast Half Marathon.  I'm hoping that I can still run a PB .. or maybe I should just be happy with a comfortable finish ... No matter what it is I'm going to finish the race because that's what I set out to do and I will not let myself down.

Stay strong, stay focused
Fit Mum x



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Hey Vic, hang in there, stay focused and stay strong. I think blogging also counts as training, well that's what I tell myself ;-) Mal

lacesnpaces said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Feeling the same way Vicki, and have also had to step back from my training. Was aiming for the full this year as you know but my body had started burning out on me already. We have to learn to find the balance and listen to what our body tells us :) . Don't fret, it will all work out.