Glad Easter is only once a year ...

It's all happening at once .. Easter holidays are over for another year and school holidays are over too.  I'm having mixed feelings about both .. I managed a four day break with the Easter holidays and spent the time either with the family or doing those extra things around the house that don't always get done.  I have experienced success.  I'm even feeling a little rejuvenated, ready to start the school term run around again ... aaaargh! 

I must admit however, that I am a little sad to see the kids off at school .. I will admit it's nice to have them around for a while .. I get an extra hug or two from my son and my daughter likes to spend some time with me in the kitchen and imagines she is the next Masterchef!  So, yes when I drop the kids off that gate in the morning I may be a little heavy in the heart.  Give me at least 10 minutes to miss them and then I'll be fine .. they'll be home in the afternoon to argue and fight again!

Another reason I'm feeling a little glad Easter only comes around once a year ..  it's the Easter eggs. 

Oh dear, I may have overindulged just a little .. oh, who am I kidding, I ate far too much chocolate and now I'm paying the price! 

My body is craving vegetables and is crying out for me to eat some clean, fresh foods and stop feeding it chocolate.

So for me, now Easter is over I must get back to my normal diet. 


Fresh, clean, whole foods that my body will absorb and pay me back by giving me heaps of energy. 

Not that I was eating really badly over the last week, it just wasn't the way I would normally eat .. you know how it is .. a little bit extra here, a bit extra there, one or two more desserts than you would normally have and on top of that an easter egg or four!  Wow, I'm starting to feel a bit bloated around the middle just thinking about it!

How did you go over Easter?  Did you indulge and are feeling a little extra bulge or did you manage to keep it lean and clean?  I'd love to hear how you are staying on track or getting back on track .. why not join me and we can wean ourselves off chocolate .. again? 

Stay strong, stay focused
Fit Mum x