What I'm eating Wednesday ... I am starving!

Over the last few weeks I have been increasing my running training in the hope that I will be finishing another half marathon in a few months.
Needless to say my appetite seems to have increased with the increase in mileage! Last week I was starving! I hadn't changed my diet and even ate extra and I just couldn't seem to find anything to fill me up!

Thank goodness this week has been different and even though my mileage is the same I am not wanting to eat everything in sight!

Here's today's fare ...

A quick 3km this morning as I'm backing up again this afternoon for another short run ...

Boiled egg and 1/2 an apple ... It was a really big apple!

Turkey and salad for lunch ... Originally I was having turkey and steamed veg ... until I dropped the bowl full of veg on the floor of the kitchen ... not happy

A quick stop by mrs Flannerys on the way home from school pick up and I also picked up a special treat ... Gluten free cranberry, white Choc and pistachio slice ... It is so yummy!
I needed something that was going to stick with me as I was heading out for another run this afternoon ... this time to teach FitBoy to ride his bike. I ran beside him and of course he picked it up quickly today and took off! Tempo training this afternoon ... 6kms done today!

Forgot to take a pic of dinner ... Rib Fillet and the above is pretty boring anyway! Yep, I was a bit lazy and opened this packet!

Now I'm going to take my magnesium powder and head to bed! This Fit is a bit tired this week!

What did you eat today? Was it healthy and nutritious?

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