What I ate Wednesday ... Do you do leftovers?

Another Wednesday and I'm here to share with you what I'm eating ...

I do try to eat healthy, nutritious foods most of the time ... There are those moments however when I'm not perfect or anywhere near it! I mean, who is? Well, alright some people are better than me!

Breakfast ... It's a surprise!  Oats again but I added a teaspoon of peanut butter because I saw it in the fridge and it looked good! And my coffee ...

Snacks ... Apple and peanut butter .. ooops I really must have had a thing for it today!  I had a mandarin for an afternoon snack along with some bocconcini which really should be banned in our house because I find it a bit addictive!

Lunch ... Leftover Chicken & Corn Soup.  I added a small handful of pasta too.

Leftovers! Do you do leftovers? I'm not always a fan of leftovers, I'd much rather have my meal nice and fresh. Not that I would get the chance anyway as Mr FitMum loves leftovers ... And then there's the kids ...

Whether you are into leftovers or not, they can be a great idea to save you time and money and keep you on track with your healthy eating during the week. I'm not one to prep my meals on the weekend .. To be honest I haven't quite worked out when I would do this. I know it's an organization and planning thing but I haven't got it.

Instead I often cook extra of whatever meal we are having so that there is something for lunch. Sometimes that might just be an extra chicken breast or two that I can throw into a salad or have with steamed veg the next day.

Another thing I do to save some time and keep me honest the next day is to prep extra veg. I chop them up as I do the nights dinner, that way the next day I have no excuse to have a lazy lunch. Quickly steam them and serve them with some lean protein and it's all good!

Anyway, back to my day ... I didn't make leftovers tonight ... Stir fries don't work well as left overs. We had sweet chilli and lime salmon stir fry .. Yum!  This was so filling and delicious!

For supper, I felt like a sweet treat and I had half of a Slim Secrets bar that I bought the other day for just this occasion!  To try it of course!  It was cookies & cream but I found it a bit sweet that's why I only managed half! I might go back for the other half tomorrow night!

What did you eat today?


Liz N said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yes, I do leftovers all the time xx They always taste better thenext day!