What I ate Wednesday ...

The pictorial version of what I ate today ...
I am mostly a creature of habit so breakfast is pretty much the same everyday.


I finished up with work early-ish today and wanted to get a quick run in.  A snack before my run ... I found the macadamia stash in my bag and they looked like they wanted me to eat them too!

By the time I ran a few errands and got home I was looking for more food ... something quick ... left over chicken tenders and a little bit of risoni into salad!

Afternoon snack time ...

Mr Fit Mum is away at the moment so dinners are a little lazy.  The kids don't call for too much fancy stuff really.  Cheating rather a lot tonight .. chicken kebabs and sweet potato chips.  Happy kids .. happy mummy ..

I may have indulged in some treats ... I may be partial to white chocolate raspberry bullets.  I may also have had some with my afternoon snack.  Oh, and I really needed to test ( again ) the fudge that I made the other day.  That's it though .. honestly! 

What did you eat today? 
Vicki x


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