The Stampede and The Wash Up

I've finally sat down to write the wrap wash up on The Stampede that I participated in a week or so ago.  I did it!  What an experience it was too!

After quite a few nerves, mostly regarding the obstacles that we would be tackling over the 10km obstacle course, we decided that it really was just for fun!  We were certainly not going to be breaking any land speed records getting around the course.  In the end we finished in under 2 hours so we were more than pleased with our efforts!

I'm not going to list all the obstacles that we were subjected to as I think all up there were 27 .. but I'll list a few of the more "interesting" ones and let some of the pictures from the day say it all.

There was the ice bath .. as if the water that we had jumped in just one kilometre ago was not enough of a cold shock, the ice bath was freezing! 

The slip'n'slide down a huge hill!  We went in the "fast" lane not the "fun" lane and we flew down the hill!  This had to be the best part of the whole course!  My palms and elbows weren't entirely happy and I'm still finding bruises!

Did I mention how many HILLS there were on the course!  These were a killer!  I'm afraid there was no running up the hills for me .. happy to run down though!

There was A LOT of mud for us to crawl through!  Especially the last "mud buffet" where it felt more like quicksand and I just wanted to get out!  Did I mention yet that it several washes to get the mud from my hair ...

I can now say that I have hurdled fire.  Yep, I jumped as high as I could to make sure there was no tripping here!  Get it done fast!

The last obstacle was probably the one that caused the most angst .. "the bug zapper".  There were hundreds of live wires hanging down and you had to pass through them while jumping over bales of hay to reach the finish line.  I may or may not have taken the easy way out and crawled under them.  I got zapped once on my shoulder and it took me down even though I was already on my stomach!  I felt that zap for hours!  Some of the other girls in the team ran through and they said they got zapped four and five times, so I'm kinda glad I took the wussy way out!

Here's some of the pics of the day ...

We know where it is now ...
Ok .. not sure about this ..

We started out OK ...
Let's just say this is not like those fancy mud wraps they
do at the spas ...


The verdict .. would I do it again?  Well, it's a bit like childbirth ... I can still remember it rather clearly and the bruises are still appearing ... maybe ask in 6 months!  There's a tick on the bucket list so I'm not rushing back just yet!
What about you .. would you give it a go? 
It really was fun!


Me said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We did it as well and had the BEST fun (5km) but have already signed up for the 10km next year and the Warrior Dash in Novemver 12.
I blogged about it with pics as well if you are interested. Yes, the mud (while maybe you can pay a fortune for at a salon) is not quite the same is it ?????
I hope you do it again some time.
Have the best day tomorrow !
Me xox

Liz@LastChanceTraining said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good on you Vicki! Don't know if I would or not ..I'm such a comfort princess :)

Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I can't believe you did it! Very brave!

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

this looks like fun! not sure about the bugzapper thing though...that sounds a bit full on. Give it a few weeks and I bet you are looking for something else to do.x