Menu Planning Monday ...

It's that time of the week again!  Did you climb back on the diet and exercise wagon again this morning .. you know, after falling off over the weekend? 

Monday is usually the day that everyone plans to start their new healthy eating plan and exercise regime .. or chase that wagon down and get back on!!

I am fortunate enough to now have Mondays off so Monday is my day to catch up on what was missed over the weekend.  It's also now my grocery shopping day.  I love it because we get to start the week with a fridge and pantry stocked with fresh fruit and veg.
Before I head out to do the shopping I sit down, usually with a coffee, and plan what will be on the dinner menu during the week.  

I've been doing this now for years and maybe it all seems a bit anal or obsessive, but it saves me going crazy at 4.30 in the afternoon wondering what to have for dinner.  I just have to get out the ingredients and go! 
If I didn't do this I can assure you that I will not be that motivated to think of a quick, healthy meal for the family .. it will be the fastest, laziest thing I can think of!  The bonus .. I've always got a healthy choice on hand for dinner.  And, it saves money as I'm not racing off to the grocery store every afernoon trying to find a quick option, which many times end up being more expensive than planning and shopping beforehand. 

If you are really strapped for time, do some of the prep for your meals on Sunday afternoon / night.  I know many people who chop their veg or prepare the base of their meals on Sunday.  I think it's a great idea if you have the time or the inclination!  I struggle with the latter ...   

Another great idea if you are so inclined is to have the weekly dinner menu written out / printed out where everyone can see it.  That way everyone knows what's for dinner and there is not the constant questioning "What's for dinner Mum?".  I get this question at least every 15 minutes from afternoon snack time .. even if I have answered it, it clearly goes in one ear and straight back out the other! 

There are heaps of "menu planners" available for download on the internet and if you want to use one, it's up to you which one you think will work best.  I've tried a few over the years ... printing them out and laminating them then putting them on the fridge.
Usually now I just try to remember it!  Not always successful however!

While I'm planning the menu for the week along with the grocery shop I plan what I'll be cooking for the kids snacks during the week. 

This is what's for dinner in our house this week ...

Do you plan your dinners for the week? 
Does this help you to stick with your healthy eating plan?



Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I've actually restarting a eating thing today - I felt like I was getting out of control a bit so trying something not-quite-different.

I don't plan my meals more than half a day in advance - mostly not even that. Many a time I get home from work and have nothing out of the freezer defrosting for dinner!


Vicki said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Deb Baby steps .. one change at a time! x