Weekly workout 25 July - 31 July ...

And so I have made it to the end of another week!  I followed pretty much the same training routine that I have followed for the last 2 weeks.  I increased the intensity just a little bit in two of the workouts.  I'm really taking it easy and not increasing the intensity or changing the workouts drastically as I am completely focussed on staying healthy and not running myself down too much.  It seems to be working!

Monday             Regular PT strength session
                        Nothing spectacular to report other than I’m loving it! Strength
                        training is so empowering!
                        30 minutes
                        Trained the girls at netball again tonight so I don’t stiffen up in
                        the cold night air …

Tuesday           Instead of my usual walk with Baxter, I changed this to a run and
                       Clocked 5.5km on the hill trail near our house
                       Unreal run .. absolutely loved this one .. I had to write it down here ...  
                       40 minutes .. hilly trail

Wednesday      Our usual mid week run / walk intervals
                       The weather was beautiful and the company again was great!
                       6km .. 46 minutes

Thursday         Rest day

Friday             Weight training circuit .. love this one!
                       I increased the intensity of a few of the exercises which certainly
                       had my heart rate up there
                       35 minutes ( includes warm up and warm down )

Saturday /      I’m going to have the weekend off again, which really seems to be
Sunday            working for me at the moment with things so busy with kids
                       It’s also my mum’s birthday this weekend, so we are heading up the
                       coast for a visit!  Pretty excited about this one!

I think I’m going to keep at this routine for the next few weeks and then I’m going
to revisit my training and change it up.  Constantly challenging the body is the way
to get stronger and make changes and improvements.  I'm still thinking about whether
or not I am going to set some goals with my training .. here's some goal setting info ...

I am proud to say that I have had much more success on the diet front this week.
I have been more focused and have got myself organised and in routine which is
making it much easier for me to keep my diet clean and full of nutritious,
healthy meals .. well except for the white Tim Tam that I’m going to have for
dessert tonight!

Until next week’s update …

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x