Sharing the love

A friend of mine has started to take up running as part of her fitness program.  She has been doing heaps on the treadmill and I suggested that maybe she get outdoors to get a different perspective and well, enjoy the outdoors!  She has been quite hesitant so I offered to run with her.  This sent her into panic mode!  She was so nervous that she wouldn't be able to keep up or run the whole way.

Yesterday was our second run outside.  There are 3 of us that hit the road at lunch time on Wednesday.  We don't break any records, in fact our first sessions are just run / walk intervals.  No fast running, just jogging for 3 minutes and walking to recover for 2 minutes.  By the time we get to 3 minutes our newbie runner is begging for us to tell her how much longer till walk break!
This week we even added a few extra tempo intervals to get her used to picking up the pace ... just a quick drive up a hill or a 20 second increase in pace at the end of the run interval.  And you know what, our newbie runner was really picking up the pace!

On the plus side for me and our other friend .. we all get to be outside and have a chat and go for a run with no pressure to perform over a distance or a pace or a time!  It is heaps of fun!  And the best part of this week's run .. we beat our time from last week!

I have used many words telling my friend that she really could do it, though she didn't believe me!  I think she might just be starting to believe it now .. and believe in her own abilities! 
The most important thing and what makes me proud is that she is getting out there and giving it a go.  She was, and still is, a bit nervous before we start out .. but don't we all feel that way sometimes?

Here's to you babe .. you are out there and giving it your best!  That is more than a lot of people!

Get out there and enjoy what you are doing!

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x