The week that was ...

I've been feeling a little lost the last week or so after the Half Marathon so in an effort to work out what my new goal will be I thought I would share the training I've been doing each week. 

This week   11 July - 17 July

Monday       PT Session
                 30 minutes
         Back to full body strength training .. yay!! Really enjoyed,
         however my legs were not so fussed on the increased weights
         and intensity!

Tuesday       Cardio .. Brisk hill walk on the treadmill with a little bit of
                  30 minutes
                  Legs were REALLY feeling yesterday's session so I kept it basic.

Wednesday  Cardio .. Run outdoors. 
                  50 minutes
                  Ran with a friend who is wanting to build up her running
                  outdoors so we took it nice and easy run 3min / walk 2min.  
                  It was so enjoyable not to feel any training pressure!

Thursday      Rest day

Friday          Weights circuit
                  30 minutes
                  My own version of the 300 workout .. it still gets the heart
                  pumping and the muscles working!  Yep, the deadlifts worked
                  this week!

Saturday /
Sunday        I've decided at the moment not to train over the weekend.
                  Things are really busy with the family and I want to take some
                  time to get a little extra rest!  Besides, someone has to clean
                  the house ...
                  I'm sure this will change soon as I am kind of missing my long
                  weekend run!

I'm feeling really good with the training I've done so far this week.  I will definately be building on this over the next few weeks and I know I'll find what I'm looking for from a training perspective. 
Next up, I think I might take another look at my diet .. it appears to have taken a turn for the worse over the last week ...

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x