It's over, let it go and get on with it

We've all had those runs.  I had one today and I'm sure I'll have another one sometime.  You know .. those runs where you just want to sit down on the footpath and cry. 

I scheduled a 10km run for this morning.  I really do want to do it ... no I'm not looking forward to it.  Not sure if I'm really up for it .. I know, it's only 10km which I could normally do any day of the week.   I'm telling myself that I'm not going to crack any land speed times, I just want the time on my feet.

After procrastinating a bit, I finally got into my gear and put my shoes on.  My running partner was whining at the door.  He was fully recovered from his 15km yesterday with hubby and ready to go again.  

It was quite a pleasant day for a run actually, nice and cool and not too much sun.  Still, this didn't do me any favours as I got to about the 4km mark.  My calves are soooo tight, and I'm in my own little world of hurt.  Let's just get to the 5km mark and I can have a drink stop.  I kept plodding along and glanced at my watch for pace a few times ... not pretty. 

Drink stop done.  Let's just stick with it, I'm on my way home.  I've just got a hill to tackle and it's almost all downhill after that.  I am NOT going to walk up that hill ... geez, I couldn't possibly do that!  Bax led me up that hill and I didn't stop .. I was slow but I didn't stop.

Downhill was pretty good.  Then the downpour started.  It wasn't too bad, heavy enough for me to consider the short cut home but not heavy enough for me to be that tempted.  Besides, I'm feeling OK .. the calves and legs seem to have warmed up and I've picked up the pace a bit.  Not quite as I'd like but I've picked it up.  Nearly home, only 3km and some rather large puddles to negotiate. 

Home, I didn't cry, I still might.  Sympathy from hubby "yep, we've all been there". 

Ok, it's over.  Must go and ice my foot ( another story ). 

Might sit down and plan next week's training .. I am stronger than this run, I will not let it get me down. 
Don't let the crappy ones get you down either ...

Stay focused,  stay strong
Fit Mum x