My favourite run ..

I did my favourite run this morning.  I've missed it over the last few weeks.  I wasn't sure how I would go .. the hills can hurt.  Because of my reduced volume of training over the last few weeks, I have been building up slowly again and this week I was due to add a few extra k's to my training.  I have and I haven't felt too bad. 

Maybe I tried to do a bit much but I told myself that I would walk up Spider Hill and really slow my pace.  The hills were s..l..o..w.  My hamstrings were tight, my hip flexors were tired and my calves were screaming at me .. but I didn't stop.  I just kept my pace slow and I lumbered along.  My legs really felt like lead, there was no graceful stride going on today .. oh, wait .. I don't think I've ever had a graceful stride, that's just wishful thinking.

Anyway, while I was out today I thought I would take a few snaps of my bush track run over Spider Hill ...

 How fabulously peaceful does this look!? There is no noise out here .. just the birds and our footsteps ...
Track is covered at the moment with the bottle brushes and they are all brilliant orange .. really quite pretty!


This pic doesn't quite do Spider Hill justice .. I'm about half way up here and the top of the hill in the pic isn't the top of Spider .. there is still a sneaky right hand turn and an even steeper ascent.  Yep, I walked the hill today ...

What I love most about this run is that it is super peaceful, there's always something to look at ( and look out for the kangaroos ) and it is right in the middle of suburbia!

Do you have a favourite run / workout that you like to do on a regular basis?  Why is it your favourite?

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x