Today's To Do ...

I feel like I need to confess ... I may be obsessed.  It may be an impractical obsession.  I make lists.  I like lists .. you know, the to do type lists. 
I don't know if these lists are effective.  I lose them sometimes.  They don't get finished sometimes.  Sometimes they get superceded. 

It's something about the lists that make me feel like I'm being productive and organised.  Is this all in my head?
I like to cross things off my lists though.  It gives me great satisfaction knowing I have achieved at least something.

I know that there are other people like me.  My husband is not one of them.  If I write him a list of things to do, he will find at least 50 other things to do instead of the ones on my list.  I'm trialling subconscious mind manipulation at the moment .. I will advise my progress, it's slow.

I have lists for everything ... daily to do list, weekly to do list, weekend to do list, shopping list, what to buy on ebay list, what to sell on ebay list .. and the list goes on ( sorry, couldn't help it ).  I have a To Do app for my iphone too.  

Maybe now I have confessed by addiction / obsession I will be cured?  Will I cross everything off at least one list I start? Maybe I could add that to my list of to do?

I have just realised this post does not have anything to do with health, fitness, exercise, running, food ... 
It appears my mind is not thinking particularly cohesively at the moment.  I had better go and check a list ...

Stay focused,  stay strong
Fit Mum x