To the gym floor ...

Remind me again why it is that I want to do weight training?  I've just started back training with my PT and I dread look forward to whatever she has in store for me.  And even though after each session I am so exhausted I can barely lift my arms or walk down the stairs, I love it!!

There are certainly times when I am not so fussed on it .. like the times where your legs are sore for days and it's quite the struggle to sit on the toilet ( sorry, but it needs to be mentioned! ).  No, I really don't like it much then.

So to combat these feelings I remind myself why I do weight training ...

* It makes me stronger and faster for running ... 
* Squats and lunges make for a great butt!
* I get that toned look that we all strive for ... and who doesn't want that in summer?? 
* It just makes me feel stronger, like I can do whatever I set my mind to

There are heaps of other reasons why weight training is a great idea to add to your training each week ( at least once a week ).  I remember a lady I met at the gym told me why she loved weight training .. because it made her feel strong and empowered.  Her favourite exercise was the bench press. Personally, I like legs .. squats, lunges, deadlifts .. I just keep telling myself that I'm going to get a nice arse .. not that I can see behind me unless I look in the mirror it but it makes me feel like I've worked hard! 
And just like most things in life .. you get out what you put in.  Make the effort and you will be rewarded.  And as my trainer so kindly requests if it all gets a bit hard .. "Suck it up, princess .. " ( This was the nice version! )

Work hard people, it will all be worth it!

What's your favourite weight training exercise? Why?

Fit Mum x