Early mornings are not my thing

I will start by saying that I am NOT a morning person.  I have been in the past so I'm not sure what changed .. life, kids? 
I really wanted to commit to my new training program so I didn't want to slack off in my first week!  So when hubby mentioned that he had to leave for work at an hour that I should have been just crawling out of bed, I was struck with dread.  I would have to get up extra early if I wanted to fit in my last training run of the week! I know that I could have clocked those kms up on the treadmill after work but even though the gym is airconditioned, at midday it is so hot and humid that I was reminded of my speed session a few days ago.  That was not particularly pretty and I certainly paid for it later that day!
So, I bounced out of bed and hour earlier than usual .. oh alright I didn't bounce, I could possibly have been shoved by said hubby ...
I forced an apple in while I was trying to wake up, because if I didn't I possibly may have passed out somewhere down the track! Trying not to think about the time ( I still should be asleep ) I went downstairs to meet my extremely excited and furry running partner!

Baxter is always ready before me!

With my ipod drowning out my thoughts of bed, I wandered down the street.  Half way down the street I realised something ... it was quite cool for a change and it was really quite pleasant to be out! Please don't mention this to my hubby ...
Even though by the time I made the turn around and started heading home it was starting to really warm up I must say that my dreaded training session was quite enjoyable!

Make the effort .. you just might be surprised!

Fit Mum x


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Early??? what time is early??? hmmm...I love early but you know that....if I train early it gives my time during the day to do more training....hence 2hrs instead of 1.....did I mention I love early!!!! Keep up your good work and love that you were up early!!