Not quite the plan ...

Ok, so the week didn't go exactly according to my training plan.  I started off the week right on schedule but by Wednesday, I was feeling pretty blah and didn't recover the way I was expecting from the previous two days training.  I know only two days!! Not that I'm blaming anything for my blahness (??) but, you know how it goes .. busy weekend, busy week running kids here and there, running errands, work, late nights ...

View DetailsOn Wednesday I attempted a cardio challenge at the gym as part of the 12 week challenge we are hosting at the moment.  It was cycling .. not my strong point at the moment.  And certainly not my strong point when my legs are sore and fatigued. I know I'm making excuses and I don't usually make excuses but God how I struggled to push those pedals over! 

Ok, I'm getting really tired now ... I thought that maybe I should listen to my body .. and it really was yelling at me! So, I scheduled a rest day ( well I'm telling myself I scheduled it! ).  My justification so as not to feel too guilty was that it was a long day at work.  I even tried to get into bed a bit earlier than normal to allow my body that extra time to recover.  

Skip through to this morning and I'm still feeling a bit dusty when I crawl out of bed .. missing my usual run.  I'm still resting my body remember ... 
Coffee seemed to perked me up a bit .. off to work with a mini spring in my step!  

Made it through the morning feeling not too shabby now ... before I head home to feed, I quickly completed the strength challenge of the week. Yep, I seem to be getting a little extra energy back.  I won't let myself leave without a quick 20 minutes of cardio .. nothing too strenuous but the heart rate was up there and I was glowing that pretty pink of the huffed and puffed.  I'm feeling good again!

The moral to my story .. you are going to have those days or weeks where you feel like .. well, you know what .. and life is going to get in the way.
What matters is how you don't let the set backs get you down, work to your limits and pick yourself up and get started again. 
Tomorrow is a new day, next week is a new week ... you are here for the long haul and you will get the results you want if you keep working towards your goal!

Keep going, listen to your body, you really are stronger than you think!!

Fit Mum x