Retail Therapy

So, I thought that I would go shopping today .. just a bit of retail therapy, you know something for a bit of me time.  It was all working well, rest day from training, morning off work, kids dropped off on time at school and I'm at the shops as they open .. list in hand. Well, it appears that was my first mistake .. planning what I needed to buy.
First stop is for kids shorts for school.  Now I know that they sell them here because I have seen them.  Yep, there's a pair .. nope, wrong colour.  Keep looking, surely they're here.  After 5 minutes of wandering up and down I finally accept that they don't have any.  That's OK .. I'll look somewhere else. 
Next stop, new running shoes for work. This one's easy, I know what I'm after and no thanks, I really don't need the 12 year old sales assistant to help me with my socks ( well, he looked 12 ).  After much standing and staring at the dozens of shoes on offer, I accepted the fact that I wasn't actually going to get what I wanted today. And the new Nikes I saw are in some seriously gaudy colours!!
I'm starting to get a little, let's say impatient with this whole experience.  Maybe I'm hungry .. again.  No will keep going ... still haven't looked at some new clothes for me! 
To cut a long story short, because that's where my patience level was after checking out another half a dozen clothes shops, I cannot believe some of the hideous clothes that they are selling .. I mean, I have got running shorts longer than some of the skirts out there.  Oh dear, am I getting old??

I am rather disappointed at my lack of success.  Why is it that when you want to go and buy something you can't get what you want, but when you have not money or time, there are dozens of things on the shelves ... 
I will not be deterred.  I will again venture out for retail therapy, maybe next time I won't take a list and I'll just tell myself I'm doing the groceries ...

I think I need a coffee ...  

Fit Mum x