And there it went ...

Well, the weekend has been and gone! And it certainly went in quite the blur!  So many things that I wanted to do and so many things that I had to do.  Number 1 on the must do list ..

I am greeted by this first up every weekend ..
My least favourite chore greets me in all it's glory each weekend and mocks me until I've finished .. oh and then it screams at me until it's folded and away!
After dealing with this I am forced to make coffee and sit down to recuperate.  Only to realise I'm running late for my little get together with some friends! I am flying around the house trying to find clean clothes ( the rest are in the festering pile of laundry .. ) when I remembered I hadn't chopped the veg to go with the hommus dip I was taking.  I decided to take something on the way to healthy so I wouldn't snack on the usual cheese and crackers ...

Can't stay and chat long with the girls .. must race home and gather up my son to take him to his mates 5th birthday party.  He has been counting the sleeps and is so excited to see his friends!  The boys had a great time running around and well, being boys!  And of course, as with any party .. there was party food!! I used my will power so as not to eat more than the boys but when it came to the Mars Bar Slice, there really was no use .. one of my party favourites!

      See the missing piece .. it was me!

Made it home late in the afternoon to a quiet house.  Hubby was doing long training run and our daughter rides alongside to hold waterbottles and keep him company.  So it was my chance to reacquaint myself with the piles of clothes in the laundry. 

After all the running around of the day I was quite happy to sit down after dinner and watch a movie .. oh wait that's what the kids did!

I guess I'd better get used to my weekends being busy again .. sport starts soon and then we'll be spending our Saturdays sitting by the netball courts and soccer fields! 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend with family and friends!

Fit Mum x