Fresh from the kitchen ...

I've had another one of those days when I seem to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen .. And I love it!

On tonight's menu is stirfry and rice.  One of my family's favourites! It is so quick, so easy and a great way to get some fresh vegies! YUM! 

The thing I love about a stirfry is that I can make it whatever flavour I feel like at the time.  Tonight I'm thinking stirfry pork and plum sauce is going to appear on the table.  I will confess though that I am using a bought plum sauce and I'll add some extra flavours for a twist. 

I like to make it simple on the nights when I get home late from ferrying the kids between school, sport, dance and the usual afternoon rushing!

Next up I'm baking a Strawberry and coconut loaf as we've run out of healthy snacks for the kids.  I object to filling them up on a lot of commercially made biscuits and snacks that have loads of sugar, salt and who knows what else.  They already get their fair share of rubbish food!
It has just come out of the oven and it smells divine ... I might even sneak myself a slice .. fresh out of the oven.  It won't count on my diet though if I'm taste testing it for the kids, right??

While my loaf was baking I threw together a fresh batch of muesli for breakfast ( or whenever really, because I have it for a snack too ).  I have searched everywhere and haven't been able to find a muesli that I really like so I usually make my own now.  This way I can get all the things I want in it, and a few extras too!  A handful of blueberries and I'm set!  It's great with yoghurt too. 

Are you like me and rather that your kids have fresh home made snacks?

Fit Mum x