Monday Motivation .. and April Challenge!

How was your Easter?  I hope that you managed some quality time relaxing with family and friends ... and didn't over indulge too much!

We had quite a lovely relaxing weekend and this morning we are heading off for a week away which should be even more relaxing!  I kept to my current running plan with a run on Good Friday and on Sunday morning before brunch with my family.

Whilst I kept my eating to healthy choices as much as possible, there were 2 hot cross buns and some chocolate in the mix!  That's OK ... it was the Easter weekend and that was really the only time I indulged. 
But that's all going to change this week!  Mini clean up starts today!  I'll be on holidays away from home and my kitchen but I'm not going to let that stop me.  I can still make healthy choices!  The plan ...

* no more hot cross buns .. they sit in your belly anyway and make you feel ick!
* no chocolate for the week ... I'll live ...
* no alcohol ... I'm good with that, I don't usually drink during the week anyway ...
* eat fresh fruit, veg and lean protein .. healthy choices for snacks too
* lots of water!

It's not going to be that hard really, I just need to get myself back in my usual routine.  I hope that you are going to join me too.  Come and visit me on face book and let me know how you are going.

Secondly, I've decided that I'm going to run a challenge for everyone ( including me! ) during April ...

the Active April challenge #activeapril ...

I  know I'm generally active on most days but a little goal of mine is to do something every day.  This challenge isn't designed to whip your arse everyday ... it's designed to build up slowly.  Something that is achievable for everyone. 

I've chosen 3 exercises that most people really want to be able to improve upon.  Yes, they are challenging but not so much that you won't be able to do them.  And we are going to build on these exercises each week.  Are you ready?  You don't even need any equipment!  Here we go ..

Week One ...

Push ups ... 10 push ups each day.  Do them on your knees, on your toes, against the wall, against the foot of the bed ... just 10 that's it

Skipping ... 50 skips each day ... should take you about 30 seconds ... you don't even have to use a skipping rope, just pretend if you don't have one

Plank ... 30 seconds each day ... on your knees, on your toes ... just use good form, relax your shoulders and lock your abs on!

That's not that hard is it .. the whole thing should take you 2 minutes MAX!!

Each subsequent week we are going to add to the exercise.  You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly!

Push ups ... add 10 more push ups each week.  By week 4 you will be doing 40 push ups each day ... NICE!  Think of how fabulous our arms and shoulders will be!

Skipping ... add 50 skips each week.  Week 2, 100 skips ... Week 3, 150 skips etc ... skipping is fabulous for a cardio workout and hot looking calves!  Oh and burning calories!

Plank ... add 15 seconds each week.  By week 4 you will be able to hold for over a minute.  Abs of steel and a super strong core!

See, it's not that much more to include in your usual workout and you will be staying active everyday in April!

I know you want to do this with me!  You can join in on Face book, Twitter or on Instagram ... come and find me on Instagram @fitmum ... show me your pics and use the hash tag #activeapril ... I love to see every one's workout pics!

Have a great week!


Sheridan Hodges said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi Vicki. I'm in!! A bit too much Easter indulgence for my body. Day 1 started well and ate clean all day. Feeling better already.

Kek said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this challenge! Something just about everyone can do, at their own level, plus building gradually on your starting point. :)